2013-06-04 Aurélien BompardBump version
2013-06-04 Aurélien BompardAdd a prefix to temp files for clarity
2013-06-04 Aurélien BompardFix thumbnail generation for videos
2013-05-29 Aurélien BompardFix HTML generation for video files
2013-04-15 Aurélien BompardAdd an option to include a custom template at the botto...
2013-04-15 Aurélien BompardDon't hijack the title attribute to set the HD URL
2013-04-15 Aurélien BompardFix typo
2013-04-15 Aurélien BompardUpdate colorbox
2013-03-29 Aurélien BompardRemove useless broken tag
2013-03-18 Aurélien BompardInclude resources and templates in the python package
2013-03-18 Aurélien BompardUpdate version and doc 0.2
2013-03-18 Aurélien BompardFix video thumbnail generation
2013-03-18 Aurélien BompardHigher video bitrate
2013-03-18 Aurélien BompardDynamically set the thumbnail's vertical position
2013-03-18 Aurélien BompardRecurse into subdirs to find images
2013-03-18 Aurélien BompardTry to be a little more cross-platform
2013-03-18 Aurélien BompardEncode videos to MP4 by default
2013-03-18 Aurélien BompardBetter handling of video encoding failures
2013-03-18 Aurélien BompardBetter progress messages
2013-03-18 Aurélien BompardUse the env var TMPDIR as a temp dir by default
2013-03-18 Aurélien BompardLet the user quit with Ctrl-C
2013-03-08 Aurélien BompardResize videos when they are too wide/tall
2013-03-08 Aurélien BompardBetter video thumbnail creation
2013-03-08 Aurélien BompardSupport MP4 videos
2013-03-08 Aurélien BompardNormalize directories before using them
2013-03-08 Aurélien BompardDon't crash on unsupported file type
2013-02-04 Aurélien BompardImprove setup script for PyPI submission
2013-02-04 Aurélien BompardRename staticgallery to webstag
2013-01-13 Aurélien BompardAdd README
2013-01-13 Aurélien BompardRefactoring
2013-01-13 Aurélien BompardStore the image position in the URL fragment
2013-01-12 Aurélien BompardExtract title from IPTC, but disable for now
2013-01-12 Aurélien BompardBigger thumbnails, better look, link to original files
2013-01-11 Aurélien BompardSwitch from prettyPhoto to ColorBox
2013-01-11 Aurélien BompardMove some resources, prepare a separate HTML page for...
2013-01-11 Aurélien BompardInitial commit