v0.2.6a - development version with var doctor
[webos-internals:mvapp.git] / mvapp
2009-10-22 xorgkcv0.2.6a - development version with var doctor
2009-10-22 rootimproved screen formatting for Terminal app, added...
2009-10-20 xorgv0.2.5 - improved screen formatting for Terminal app... v0.2.5
2009-10-18 xorgAdded shortcut commands, better screen formatting for...
2009-10-18 xorgAdded shortcut commands, friendly screens for Terminal
2009-10-17 xorg0.2.5a - better formatting for Terminal app
2009-10-16 XorgTest commit from xorg
2009-10-16 rootThis is a test commit. I've only added a blank comment...
2009-10-16 Rod WhitbyInitial version from xorg v0.2.4