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2010-12-24 www-datacommiting again... forgot add... blargh. v1.4.5-119
2010-12-23 www-datanew and updated v1.4.5-118
2010-09-21 www-dataupdate 21Sep10 v1.4.5-68
2010-09-21 www-datanew and updated 9-20-2010 --bsiegel v1.4.5-70
2010-08-23 www-dataPatch updates 8-22-2010 v1.4.5-34
2010-07-30 www-dataall outstanding patch submissions v1.4.5-21
2010-06-05 dBsooner's StuffUpdated patches and some new tap radius versions. v1.4.5-3
2010-06-02 Rod WhitbyMerge branch 'webos-1.4.5' of
2010-05-31 dBsooner's StuffAdded Reduce Drag Radius Patch v1.4.1-17 v1.4.1-18 v1.4.1-19
2010-04-20 dBsooner's Stuff9 Updated, 7 new patches v1.4.1-9
2010-04-19 dBsooner's Stuff5 Updated, 5 New Patches. v1.4.1-8
2010-04-19 dBsooner's Stuff21 New Patches. v1.4.1-7
2010-04-05 dBsooner's StuffAll outstanding updates v1.4.1-3
2010-03-05 EricFix wrongly generated patches, to correct unified diffs
2010-03-04 dBsooner's Stuff1 New, 10 Updated patches. v1.4.0-24
2010-03-02 dBsooner's Stuff13 ported and 1 new for 1.4.0. v1.4.0-21
2010-02-08 dBsooner's Stuff14 New, 1 Updated patches. v1.4.0-9
2010-01-18 Daniel BeamesInitial WebOS v1.4.0 commit. 142 patches, all v1.4.0-1
2010-01-04 Daniel BeamesCleaned Master again. master
2009-12-14 Daniel Beames23 more patches ported to 1.3.5 v1.3.5-3
2009-12-03 Daniel BeamesInitial 1.3.5 commit. 112 patches apply cleanly from... v1.3.5-0
2009-11-19 Daniel BeamesDeleted everything from master.
2009-11-18 Daniel Beamesmojo-smiley-faces-in-symbol-box origin/webos-1.2.1
2009-10-26 Daniel BeamesA bunch of changes from the webOS-Patches Upload form...
2009-10-08 dBsoonerRenamed smiley-faces-in-symbol-box to be mojo category