2011-07-15 www-datacommiting ad blocker -cryptk webos-1.4.5 v1.4.5-164
2011-07-07 www-datacommiting more patches -cryptk v1.4.5-163
2011-07-02 www-dataapproving neato my messages -cryptk v1.4.5-162
2011-07-02 www-datamake it so v1.4.5-161
2011-07-01 www-datamake it so v1.4.5-160
2011-06-27 www-dataupdates and additions v1.4.5-159
2011-06-16 www-dataupdates and additions v1.4.5-158
2011-06-01 www-dataupdates v1.4.5-157
2011-06-01 www-dataupdates and additions v1.4.5-156
2011-05-25 www-dataupdates and additions v1.4.5-155
2011-05-12 www-dataupdate v1.4.5-154
2011-05-12 www-dataupdates and additions v1.4.5-153
2011-04-29 www-dataupdates and additions v1.4.5-152
2011-04-24 www-datanew patch v1.4.5-151
2011-04-23 www-dataupdates v1.4.5-150
2011-04-22 www-datanew patch v1.4.5-149
2011-04-12 www-datanew patches with tweaks v1.4.5-147 v1.4.5-148
2011-04-12 Patches Portalupdates and additions v1.4.5-146
2011-03-27 www-dataupdates and additions v1.4.5-145
2011-03-26 www-dataupdates v1.4.5-144
2011-03-26 www-dataupdates and additions v1.4.5-143
2011-03-20 www-datacommiting patches -cryptk v1.4.5-142
2011-03-19 www-dataupdates and additions v1.4.5-141
2011-03-17 www-dataupdates and additions v1.4.5-140
2011-03-11 www-datapatch batch v1.4.5-139
2011-03-10 www-datamore patch updates v1.4.5-138
2011-03-10 www-dataupdates and additions v1.4.5-137
2011-03-09 www-dataupdates and additions v1.4.5-136
2011-03-07 www-dataupdates and additions v1.4.5-135
2011-03-05 www-dataupdates v1.4.5-134
2011-03-03 www-dataupdates and additions v1.4.5-133
2011-02-28 www-dataupdates and additions v1.4.5-132
2011-02-28 Patches Portalupdateds v1.4.5-131
2011-02-24 www-dataupdates and additions v1.4.5-130
2011-02-15 www-datanew and updated v1.4.5-129
2011-02-12 www-dataupdates from jason v1.4.5-128
2011-02-12 www-dataupdate v1.4.5-127
2011-02-12 Patches PortalRemoved
2011-02-12 www-dataAll Jason\'s updates v1.4.5-126
2011-02-01 www-datametaview updates v1.4.5-125
2011-01-25 www-datalets do that again WITH the approve button clicked... v1.4.5-124
2011-01-24 www-dataupdate v1.4.5-123
2011-01-23 www-datanew submissions v1.4.5-122
2011-01-15 www-datanew and updates v1.4.5-121
2011-01-05 www-datapatch update v1.4.5-120
2010-12-24 www-datacommiting again... forgot add... blargh. v1.4.5-119
2010-12-23 www-datanew and updated v1.4.5-118
2010-12-13 Rod Whitbyfixed patch v1.4.5-117
2010-12-13 www-dataad blocker update v1.4.5-116
2010-12-13 www-datanew patch v1.4.5-115
2010-12-12 www-datatwo new patches v1.4.5-113 v1.4.5-114
2010-12-08 www-dataremove patches
2010-12-06 www-dataringer switch icon v1.4.5-112
2010-12-03 www-data4x3 icons v1.4.5-111
2010-12-02 www-datamisc v1.4.5-110
2010-12-01 www-dataad blocker v1.4.5-109
2010-11-29 Janne JulkunenFixes to adv sys prefs patches v1.4.5-108
2010-11-26 www-datanew and updated v1.4.5-105 v1.4.5-106 v1.4.5-107
2010-11-23 www-datapatch portal - egaudet v1.4.5-104
2010-11-23 www-dataMerge branch 'webos-1.4.5' of gitorious.org:webos-inter... v1.4.5-103
2010-11-23 www-datacouple new, more updated
2010-11-21 Janne JulkunenRevert "New system menu patches"
2010-11-21 Janne JulkunenNew system menu patches v2.0.0-1
2010-11-13 www-datamega mix update v1.4.5-102
2010-11-12 www-dataNew patches 11-11-10 v1.4.5-101
2010-11-06 www-dataupdates and new patches by rod v1.4.5-100
2010-11-02 www-data2 more new v1.4.5-99
2010-11-02 www-data4 new, 1 updated. v1.4.5-98
2010-10-25 www-datathomas coe patches v1.4.5-97
2010-10-23 www-dataupdates and new patches by rod v1.4.5-96
2010-10-19 www-datakeyboard brightness v1.4.5-95
2010-10-19 www-databluetooth audio v1.4.5-93 v1.4.5-94
2010-10-19 www-dataupdated speaker patch v1.4.5-92
2010-10-19 www-dataheadset volume v1.4.5-91
2010-10-19 www-datanew submissions (rod) v1.4.5-90
2010-10-18 Janne JulkunenUpdated ACSP patches v1.4.5-89
2010-10-18 www-dataemail-add-priority-discard-btns v1.4.5-88
2010-10-17 Janne JulkunenAdded keyboard brightness patches v1.4.5-87
2010-10-16 Janne JulkunenUpdated ACSP patches v1.4.5-86
2010-10-15 Janne JulkunenAdded world versions ACSP patch v1.4.5-85
2010-10-15 www-datacalendar 15 minute intervals only v1.4.5-84
2010-10-14 Janne JulkunenUpdated ACSP patch v1.4.5-83
2010-10-14 www-dataadded new patch v1.4.5-81 v1.4.5-82
2010-10-14 www-dataupdates by rod v1.4.5-80
2010-10-12 Janne JulkunenUpdated ACSP patch
2010-10-09 www-dataupdates by rod v1.4.5-79
2010-10-08 www-dataupdates and new patches by rod v1.4.5-78
2010-10-08 www-dataemail calendar launcher v1.4.5-77
2010-10-07 www-dataBen Fysh new patches v1.4.5-76
2010-10-04 Janne JulkunenUpdated my latest patch v1.4.5-75
2010-10-04 www-dataadd patches
2010-10-03 Janne JulkunenAdded my new patch v1.4.5-74
2010-09-26 Janne JulkunenUpdated my patch v1.4.5-73
2010-09-25 Janne JulkunenUpdated my app launcher patch v1.4.5-72
2010-09-21 Janne JulkunenUpdated app launcher patch v1.4.5-69
2010-09-21 www-dataupdate 21Sep10 v1.4.5-68
2010-09-21 www-datanew and updated 9-20-2010 --bsiegel v1.4.5-70
2010-09-17 Janne JulkunenUpdated app launcher patch v1.4.5-67
2010-09-16 Janne JulkunenUpdated app launcher patch v1.4.5-65 v1.4.5-66
2010-09-15 Janne JulkunenSmall update to my patch v1.4.5-64