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2011-06-01 www-dataupdates and additions v2.1.0-99
2011-05-12 www-dataupdates and additions v2.1.0-88
2011-04-22 www-datanew patch v2.1.0-74
2011-03-26 www-dataupdates v2.1.0-44 v2.1.0-45
2011-03-26 www-dataupdates and additions v2.1.0-43
2011-03-21 www-datapushing patches -cryptk v2.1.0-40
2011-03-21 www-datapushing thorugh some patches -cryptk v2.1.0-39
2011-03-20 www-datacommiting patches -cryptk v2.1.0-36
2011-03-19 www-dataupdates and additions v2.1.0-33
2011-03-17 www-dataupdates and additions v2.1.0-30
2011-03-09 www-dataupdates and additions v2.1.0-17
2011-03-07 www-dataupdates and additions v2.1.0-16
2011-03-03 www-dataupdates and additions v2.1.0-11
2011-03-03 www-dataSpecial run, just for Lisa. v2.1.0-10
2011-02-28 www-dataupdates and additions v2.1.0-5
2011-02-24 www-dataupdates and additions v2.1.0-3
2011-02-24 www-dataupdates and additions v2.1.0-2
2010-01-04 Daniel BeamesCleaned Master again. master
2009-12-31 Daniel Beamesmessaging-sms-tone-per-contact for 1.3.5 v1.3.5-9
2009-12-22 Daniel Beames6 new, 4 modified for 1.3.5 v1.3.5-7
2009-12-14 Daniel Beames23 more patches ported to 1.3.5 v1.3.5-3
2009-12-07 Daniel Beames12 new, 4 updated for 1.3.5 v1.3.5-1
2009-12-03 Daniel BeamesInitial 1.3.5 commit. 112 patches apply cleanly from... v1.3.5-0
2009-11-19 Daniel BeamesDeleted everything from master.
2009-11-15 lclarkjrUpdated for 1.3.1
2009-11-12 Daniel Beames9 New, 1 modified from form submission v1.2.1-25 v1.3.1-8
2009-11-07 lclarkjrAdd messaging notification repeat patch.
2009-10-28 Daniel BeamesUpdate to messaging-personal-avatar-left-side
2009-10-27 Daniel BeamesRemoved messaging-personal-avatar-left-side-v2, updated... v1.2.1-12
2009-10-26 Daniel BeamesA bunch of changes from the webOS-Patches Upload form...
2009-10-23 Daniel BeamesAdded 4 patches submitted through webOS-Patches submiss... v1.2.1-6
2009-10-08 dBsoonerFor acydlord: removed improperly formatted title patch...
2009-10-07 acydlordchanged patch name to match structure# (use "git...
2009-10-07 acydlordadded clean messaging patch for webos 1.2
2009-10-07 flare576Merge branch 'master' of
2009-10-07 dBsoonerUpdated v0.5.0
2009-10-07 dBsoonerReorganized everything into new structure
2009-10-04 EricAdd changes from dBsooner: v0.4.3
2009-10-03 EricUpdated patches to 1.2.0, removed obsolete bookmark... v0.3.4
2009-10-02 Ericfixed patch trailing CR v0.3.3
2009-10-02 EricAdded patches supplied by fritos1406 from precentral... v0.3.2
2009-10-02 EricRegenerated patches to remove trailing CRs and ignore... v0.3.1
2009-10-02 EricAdded patches supplied by Jason Robitaille v0.3.0
2009-10-01 rootMerge branch 'master' of v0.2.7
2009-10-01 rootCorrected typo - Now works with 1.2 for adding individu...
2009-10-01 EricAdd patches from precentral users upon request v0.2.1 v0.2.2
2009-09-30 rootUpdated to work with 1.2
2009-09-30 rootUpdated to work with 1.2
2009-09-29 EricAdded new card per convo patch for webos 1.2.0 v0.1.15 v01.1.15
2009-09-29 EricPorted to 1.2.0 by HattCzech v0.1.13
2009-09-27 EricRegenerated patches with git diff -b to ignore trailing... v0.1.8
2009-09-27 EricRe-generated patch to create correct chunk headers v0.1.7
2009-09-27 EricAdded some patches from wiki and precentral forums. v0.1.6
2009-09-25 EricAdd charcounter patch from wiki, had to manually regene...
2009-09-25 EricAdded messaging landscape patch from wiki
2009-08-29 rootCorrected variable not reseting
2009-08-29 rootCorrected variable not clearing between calls.Reduced...
2009-08-29 rootCorrected screen off tone generation
2009-08-29 rootorrected typo and rewrite of chatview&listview-assistan...
2009-08-28 rootCorrected typo...
2009-08-28 rootAdds ability to set SMS tone for each contact
2009-08-28 IkyoRefreshed against 1.1
2009-08-28 IkyoRefreshed against 1.1
2009-08-26 IkyoRefreshed against 1.1
2009-08-18 jjvcuylerRemoved extraneous "missing newline"
2009-08-18 jjvcuylerPatch to messaging to make the enter key insert a new...
2009-08-18 jjvcuylerPatch to add timestamps to all text messages
2009-07-30 jjvcuylerBug fix for 1.1.0, separated out sounds_and_alerts...
2009-07-26 jjvcuylerTypo fix
2009-07-26 jjvcuylerUpdated for 1.1.0 and added attachment forwarding ...
2009-07-26 jjvcuylerRemoved incomplete reminder code, updated the rest...
2009-07-15 drnullMerge branch 'master' of git://
2009-07-09 jjvcuylerPatch to allow specification of new message and reminde...
2009-07-08 jjvcuylerAdding patch to allow message forwarding.