Fixed 4 more patches for new release
[webos-internals:modifications.git] / browser /
2009-12-07 Daniel Beames12 new, 4 updated for 1.3.5 v1.3.5-1
2009-12-03 Daniel BeamesInitial 1.3.5 commit. 112 patches apply cleanly from... v1.3.5-0
2009-11-19 Daniel BeamesDeleted everything from master.
2009-11-01 Daniel BeamesAdded patches submitted via form.
2009-10-26 EricAdded patches submitted via dBsooner's submission script. v1.2.1-10
2009-10-26 Daniel BeamesA bunch of changes from the webOS-Patches Upload form...
2009-10-23 Daniel Beames3 New and 2 modified send via webOS-Patches form. v1.1.3-1 v1.2.1-7
2009-10-08 Ericrenames v1.2.1-0
2009-10-07 dBsoonerReorganized everything into new structure
2009-10-04 EricFix patches that I generated poorly, and lost functiona... v0.4.2
2009-10-02 EricRegenerated patches to remove trailing CRs and ignore... v0.3.1
2009-10-02 EricAdded patches supplied by Jason Robitaille v0.3.0
2009-09-27 EricRegenerated patches with git diff -b to ignore trailing... v0.1.8
2009-09-27 EricAdded some patches from wiki and precentral forums. v0.1.6
2009-09-25 EricFix patch to apply cleanly
2009-08-27 rootenable-browser-downloads patch updated by Fritos1406...
2009-08-25 Ikyoenable-browser-downloads patch updated by Fritos1406...
2009-08-25 Ikyoenable-browser-downloads patch updated by Fritos1406...
2009-08-16 EricMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2009-08-15 Rod Whitbyenable-browser-downloads patch updated by Fritos1406...
2009-07-15 drnullYou can't just change lines in a patch file, you have...
2009-07-07 Mark KleinIt seems my original typo fix fixed the the wrong perso...
2009-07-07 drnullAdded in prompt for saving streamable media
2009-07-03 userMerge git://
2009-07-01 Mark Kleincorrected a typo, whoops!
2009-06-25 Rod WhitbyRefreshed the browser patch to get full pathnames.
2009-06-25 Mark KleinEnabled download functionality in the browser application.