Back-ported to webos 1.1.3 using the doctor. Untested.
[webos-internals:modifications.git] / camera /
2009-10-08 Ericrenames v1.2.1-0
2009-10-07 dBsoonerReorganized everything into new structure
2009-10-01 rootMerge branch 'master' of v0.2.7
2009-10-01 Ericfix patch to not include image binary v0.2.5
2009-09-30 Ericremove swp file v0.2.0
2009-09-30 Eric updated patch to 1.2.0 from dBsooner
2009-09-27 EricAdded some patches from wiki and precentral forums. v0.1.6
2009-08-08 Rod WhitbyRefreshed against 1.1
2009-07-20 jcrawfordAdding the capture with volume keys camera modification
2009-07-20 jcrawforddeleted the volume key capture patch
2009-07-19 jcrawfordadding the capture pictures with volume keys patch
2009-07-19 jcrawfordRevert "adding the patch for capturing images with...
2009-07-19 jcrawfordadding the patch for capturing images with the volume...