2011-07-15 www-dataJust Charge label -cryptk webos-3.0.0 v3.0.0-19
2011-07-15 www-datajsut charge by default and hide voicemail button -cryptk v3.0.0-18
2011-07-15 www-dataAdvanced Reset Options -cryptk v3.0.0-17
2011-07-15 www-datacommiting ad blocker -cryptk v3.0.0-16
2011-07-14 www-datamax blocker v3.0.0-13 v3.0.0-14 v3.0.0-15
2011-07-12 www-dataupdate patches - codecrumb v3.0.0-12
2011-07-11 www-datanew patch v3.0.0-11
2011-07-08 www-datanew patch v3.0.0-10
2011-07-07 www-datacommiting more patches -cryptk v3.0.0-9
2011-07-07 Rod WhitbyAdded device profile service override patch v3.0.0-8
2011-07-06 www-dataforward porting v3.0.0-7
2011-07-06 www-datamuffle update v3.0.0-6
2011-07-05 www-dataadding email body dismissable patch v3.0.0-5
2011-07-05 www-dataadding private browsing patch v3.0.0-4
2011-07-03 www-dataupdate v3.0.0-3
2011-07-03 www-datanew patch v3.0.0-2
2011-07-02 www-datacommiting hyper animation patch v3.0.0-1
2011-07-02 Patches Portalcommiting patches
2011-07-01 Rod WhitbyAdded LICENSE v3.0.0-0
2011-07-01 Rod WhitbyNew branch for webOS 3.0.0
2011-06-27 www-datanew patch v2.1.0-107
2011-06-27 www-dataupdates and additions v2.1.0-106
2011-06-16 www-dataupdates and additions v2.1.0-105
2011-06-04 www-datanew patches v2.1.0-104
2011-06-03 Janne JulkunenAdded veer system menus patches v2.1.0-103
2011-06-02 Janne JulkunenUpdate for my patch v2.1.0-102
2011-06-01 www-datanew patch v2.1.0-101
2011-06-01 www-dataupdates v2.1.0-100
2011-06-01 www-dataupdates and additions v2.1.0-99
2011-05-31 Janne JulkunenUpdates for my patches v2.1.0-98
2011-05-25 www-dataupdate v2.1.0-97
2011-05-25 www-dataupdate v2.1.0-96
2011-05-25 www-dataupdates and additions v2.1.0-95
2011-05-24 Janne JulkunenUpdate for my patch v2.1.0-94
2011-05-24 Janne JulkunenUpdates for my patches v2.1.0-93
2011-05-18 Janne JulkunenUpdates for my patches v2.1.0-91 v2.1.0-92
2011-05-14 Janne JulkunenUpdates for my patches v2.1.0-90
2011-05-12 www-dataupdate v2.1.0-89
2011-05-12 www-dataupdates and additions v2.1.0-88
2011-05-09 Janne JulkunenSmall fix for my patch v2.1.0-87
2011-05-07 Janne JulkunenFixed patch file v2.1.0-86
2011-05-07 Janne JulkunenUpdates for my patches
2011-05-07 Janne JulkunenUpdates for my patches v2.1.0-85
2011-05-04 www-dataupdate v2.1.0-84
2011-05-04 www-dataupdates v2.1.0-83
2011-05-03 www-dataupdates v2.1.0-82
2011-05-02 www-dataupdates and additions v2.1.0-81
2011-04-29 www-dataupdates and additions v2.1.0-80
2011-04-24 www-datanew patch v2.1.0-79
2011-04-24 www-dataupdates and additions v2.1.0-78
2011-04-23 www-dataupdates v2.1.0-77
2011-04-22 www-dataupdate v2.1.0-76
2011-04-22 www-datanew patch v2.1.0-75
2011-04-22 www-datanew patch v2.1.0-74
2011-04-17 Rod WhitbyUpdated the Device Profile Service Override patch v2.1.0-73
2011-04-17 Rod WhitbyAdded the Device Profile Override patch v2.1.0-72
2011-04-15 Janne JulkunenUpdated my behavior patch v2.1.0-70 v2.1.0-71
2011-04-13 Janne JulkunenUpdates to my patches v2.1.0-68 v2.1.0-69
2011-04-12 Janne JulkunenSmall update for my patch v2.1.0-67
2011-04-12 rootupdated v2.1.0-66
2011-04-12 www-dataupdate v2.1.0-65
2011-04-12 www-datanew patches with tweaks v2.1.0-64
2011-04-12 Patches Portalupdated and additions v2.1.0-63
2011-04-11 Janne JulkunenSmall update to my patch v2.1.0-62
2011-04-10 Janne JulkunenFixed one broken patch file v2.1.0-61
2011-04-10 Janne JulkunenUpdates for all of my patches v2.1.0-59 v2.1.0-60
2011-04-03 Janne JulkunenUpdated my patch v2.1.0-58
2011-04-02 www-dataupdates and additions v2.1.0-57
2011-04-02 Janne JulkunenSmall bug fix for my patch v2.1.0-56
2011-04-01 Janne JulkunenUpdates for my patches v2.1.0-55
2011-04-01 Janne JulkunenUptates to my patches v2.1.0-54
2011-03-31 Janne JulkunenOne more fix for my patch v2.1.0-53
2011-03-31 Janne JulkunenUpdates to my patches v2.1.0-52
2011-03-30 Janne JulkunenNew behavior patch v2.1.0-51
2011-03-29 Janne JulkunenUpdated phone prefs patches v2.1.0-50
2011-03-29 Janne JulkunenUpdated for behavior patch v2.1.0-49
2011-03-29 Janne JulkunenUpdate for advanced behavior patch v2.1.0-48
2011-03-29 www-dataupdate v2.1.0-47
2011-03-28 Janne JulkunenUpdates for advanced patches v2.1.0-46
2011-03-26 www-dataupdates v2.1.0-44 v2.1.0-45
2011-03-26 www-dataupdates and additions v2.1.0-43
2011-03-23 Janne JulkunenFinishing touches for advanced patches v2.1.0-42
2011-03-21 Janne JulkunenUpdates for advanced patches v2.1.0-41
2011-03-21 www-datapushing patches -cryptk v2.1.0-40
2011-03-21 www-datapushing thorugh some patches -cryptk v2.1.0-39
2011-03-21 Janne JulkunenUpdates to couple advanced patches v2.1.0-38
2011-03-21 Janne JulkunenUpdated system prefs patches v2.1.0-37
2011-03-20 www-datacommiting patches -cryptk v2.1.0-36
2011-03-19 www-datanew patch v2.1.0-34 v2.1.0-35
2011-03-19 www-dataupdates and additions v2.1.0-33
2011-03-17 Janne JulkunenUpdated the advanced system prefs patches v2.1.0-32
2011-03-17 Janne JulkunenUpdated advanced prefs patches v2.1.0-31
2011-03-17 www-dataupdates and additions v2.1.0-30
2011-03-16 Janne JulkunenUpdated phone prefs patch v2.1.0-29
2011-03-15 Janne JulkunenForgot one updated patch v2.1.0-28
2011-03-15 Janne JulkunenUpdated couple of my patches v2.1.0-27
2011-03-15 Janne JulkunenAdded advanced system prefs patches v2.1.0-25 v2.1.0-26
2011-03-14 www-datavoice update v2.1.0-23 v2.1.0-24
2011-03-12 www-datamore patches v2.1.0-22
2011-03-11 www-datapatch batch v2.1.0-21