updates and new patches by rod
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2010-09-15 www-dataUpdate my patch v1.4.1-65
2010-08-31 www-dataupdates coming through v1.4.1-60
2010-07-26 www-dataProcessed all outstanding update submissions v1.4.1-24
2010-06-05 dBsooner's StuffUpdated patches and some new tap radius versions. v1.4.1-20
2010-05-26 dBsooner's StuffNew and Updated patches (egaudet) v1.4.1-16
2010-05-11 dBsooner's Stuff9 New Patches. v1.4.1-15 v1.4.2-1
2010-05-10 dBsooner's Stuff7 Updated, 1 New. v1.4.1-14
2010-04-29 dBsooner's Stuff3 Updated patches v1.4.1-13
2010-04-25 dBsooner's Stuff2 Updated, 3 new patches. v1.4.1-12
2010-04-22 dBsooner's Stuff3 New patches. 3 Updated to include 1.4.0. v1.4.1-11
2010-04-20 Daniel BeamesChanged filename v1.4.1-10
2010-04-20 dBsooner's Stuff9 Updated, 7 new patches v1.4.1-9
2010-04-19 dBsooner's Stuff5 Updated, 5 New Patches. v1.4.1-8
2010-04-19 dBsooner's Stuff21 New Patches. v1.4.1-7
2010-03-27 dBsooner's Stuff5 new, 10 updated patches. v1.4.0-32 v1.4.1-1
2010-03-05 dBsooner's Stuff3 Ported, 2 updated. v1.4.0-25
2010-03-04 dBsooner's Stuff1 New, 10 Updated patches. v1.4.0-24
2010-03-03 dBsooner's Stuff2 New, 6 ported patches for 1.4.0. v1.4.0-23
2010-03-02 dBsooner's StuffFixed Call Duration in Call Log for non-US Devices. v1.4.0-22
2010-03-02 dBsooner's Stuff13 ported and 1 new for 1.4.0. v1.4.0-21
2010-03-01 dBsooner's Stuff8 New, 4 updated patches.
2010-02-28 dBsooner's Stuff5 new ported patches for 1.4.0. v1.4.0-17
2010-02-26 Daniel BeamesRemoved 6 patches that are not compatible with 1.4.0
2010-02-18 dBsooner's Stuff14 New, 1 Updated patches v1.4.0-13
2010-02-08 dBsooner's Stuff14 New, 1 Updated patches. v1.4.0-9
2010-01-29 dBsooner's Stuff5 new, 2 updated patches. v1.4.0-7
2010-01-18 Daniel BeamesInitial WebOS v1.4.0 commit. 142 patches, all v1.4.0-1
2010-01-04 Daniel BeamesCleaned Master again. master
2009-12-31 Daniel Beames5 updated patches for 1.3.5 v1.3.5-8
2009-12-15 Rod WhitbyAdded GSP Dial Action on GSM phone v1.3.5-4
2009-12-12 Daniel BeamesLicense file for phone-match-state-to-area-code
2009-12-12 Daniel BeamesFixed 4 more patches for new release v1.3.5-2
2009-12-11 Daniel BeamesFixed app-launcher-show-firstuse and phone-call-duratio...
2009-12-03 Daniel BeamesInitial 1.3.5 commit. 112 patches apply cleanly from... v1.3.5-0
2009-11-19 Daniel BeamesDeleted everything from master.
2009-11-15 lclarkjrUpdated for 1.3.1
2009-11-12 Daniel Beames9 New, 1 modified from form submission v1.2.1-25 v1.3.1-8
2009-11-07 lclarkjrAdd phone notification repeat patch.
2009-11-05 Daniel Beames5 adds, 2 modifies via submission form 1.2.1-21 1.3.1-1 v1.2.1-21 v1.3.1-1
2009-10-27 Daniel Beamesphone-disable-dialpad-tones
2009-10-26 EricAdded patches submitted via dBsooner's submission script. v1.2.1-10
2009-10-26 Daniel BeamesA bunch of changes from the webOS-Patches Upload form...
2009-10-23 Daniel BeamesAdded 4 patches submitted through webOS-Patches submiss... v1.2.1-6
2009-10-20 Rod WhitbyMerge branch 'master' of git@gitorious.org:webos-intern... v1.2.1-5
2009-10-19 Daniel BeamesRenamed for last time. v1.2.1-4
2009-10-19 Daniel BeamesRenamed again.
2009-10-19 Daniel BeamesRenamed patch from previous commit.
2009-10-19 Daniel BeamesAdded phone-slide-to-end-call for samk1
2009-10-07 dBsoonerReorganized everything into new structure
2009-10-03 EricAdd patch for showing call history during call via... v0.4.1
2009-10-02 EricRegenerated patches to remove trailing CRs and ignore... v0.3.1
2009-10-02 EricAdded patches supplied by Jason Robitaille v0.3.0
2009-10-01 rootMerge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:webos-internals... v0.2.7
2009-10-01 Ericadd patch for dBsooner v0.2.6
2009-09-30 rootAdds a phone power selector. Updated to 1.2
2009-09-30 rootAdds the State name to all incoming calls. Updated...
2009-09-30 rootTurns off the system tones during a call. Will reset...
2009-09-30 EricRemove duplicate patch v0.1.19
2009-09-27 EricAdded some more patches and cleaned up others to apply... v0.1.10 v0.1.9
2009-09-03 IkyoOnly runs once per call
2009-09-03 IkyoAdded checking to see if the initial volume had already...
2009-09-03 IkyoAdded additional function
2009-09-03 IkyoChanged the way the volume is muted to another command
2009-09-02 IkyoChange to reflect Sound and Alerts update
2009-09-02 IkyoAdd ending & ended to call check
2009-09-02 IkyoAdded no alert tones during phone call.
2009-09-02 IkyoRefreshed against 1.1
2009-08-26 IkyoRefreshed against 1.1
2009-08-26 IkyoRefreshed against 1.1
2009-08-08 Rod WhitbyRefreshed against 1.1
2009-07-15 drnullMerge branch 'master' of git://gitorious.org/webos...
2009-07-12 Jauder Hominor correction to script
2009-07-12 Jauder Hoturn predev.wikidot.com/hidden-features feature #1...
2009-07-07 a2ny Changes to be committed: