Special run, just for Lisa.
[webos-internals:modifications.git] / messaging / messaging-poor-mans-twitter-client.patch
2011-03-03 www-dataSpecial run, just for Lisa. v2.0.0-32
2010-11-13 Rod WhitbyStart with a clean slate for webOS 2.0.0
2010-07-26 www-dataProcessed all outstanding update submissions v1.4.5-8
2010-06-02 Rod WhitbyMerge branch 'webos-1.4.5' of git@gitorious.org:webos...
2010-04-05 dBsooner's StuffAll outstanding updates v1.4.1-3
2010-03-03 dBsooner's Stuff2 New, 6 ported patches for 1.4.0. v1.4.0-23