[webos-internals:modifications.git] / misc / misc-unset-cfq-io-scheduler.patch
2010-11-27 www-datapush v2.0.0-9
2010-11-13 Rod WhitbyStart with a clean slate for webOS 2.0.0
2010-08-31 www-datatake5 v1.4.5-56
2010-08-31 Jauder Howill adding a space be enuff to trigger a tag?
2010-08-31 Jauder Hotake3 v1.4.5-55
2010-08-31 Jauder Hotake2
2010-08-30 Jauder Hore-add cfq patch v1.4.5-54
2010-08-30 Jauder Horemove patch to bump
2010-08-27 www-dataputting it in the queue v1.4.5-43