2010-10-09 www-dataupdates by rod v1.4.5-79
2010-10-08 www-dataupdates and new patches by rod v1.4.5-78
2010-10-08 www-dataemail calendar launcher v1.4.5-77
2010-10-07 www-dataBen Fysh new patches v1.4.5-76
2010-10-04 Janne JulkunenUpdated my latest patch v1.4.5-75
2010-10-04 www-dataadd patches
2010-10-03 Janne JulkunenAdded my new patch v1.4.5-74
2010-09-26 Janne JulkunenUpdated my patch v1.4.5-73
2010-09-25 Janne JulkunenUpdated my app launcher patch v1.4.5-72
2010-09-21 Janne JulkunenUpdated app launcher patch v1.4.5-69
2010-09-21 www-dataupdate 21Sep10 v1.4.5-68
2010-09-21 www-datanew and updated 9-20-2010 --bsiegel v1.4.5-70
2010-09-17 Janne JulkunenUpdated app launcher patch v1.4.5-67
2010-09-16 Janne JulkunenUpdated app launcher patch v1.4.5-65 v1.4.5-66
2010-09-15 Janne JulkunenSmall update to my patch v1.4.5-64
2010-09-15 www-dataUpdate my patch
2010-09-15 Janne JulkunenUpdated my patch
2010-09-11 Rod WhitbyFixed category of new patches v1.4.5-63
2010-09-11 www-dataupdates v1.4.5-62
2010-09-08 www-dataupdate patches v1.4.5-61
2010-09-06 www-datapatch updates v1.4.5-60
2010-09-02 Janne JulkunenUpdated my patch v1.4.5-59
2010-09-02 www-dataupdates
2010-08-31 www-dataupdate 2010-08-31 by bsiegel v1.4.5-58
2010-08-31 www-dataupdates coming through v1.4.5-57
2010-08-31 www-datatake5 v1.4.5-56
2010-08-31 Jauder Howill adding a space be enuff to trigger a tag?
2010-08-31 Jauder Hotake3 v1.4.5-55
2010-08-31 Jauder Hotake2
2010-08-30 Jauder Hore-add cfq patch v1.4.5-54
2010-08-30 Jauder Horemove patch to bump
2010-08-30 Jauder Hoadd git ignore file v1.4.5-53
2010-08-30 Jauder HoMerge branch 'webos-1.4.5' of gitorious.org:webos-inter...
2010-08-30 Jauder Hore-add muffle system logging
2010-08-30 www-dataadding patches
2010-08-30 Jauder Horemove muffle for 1.4.5 for a test
2010-08-29 Janne JulkunenUpdated my patch v1.4.5-51 v1.4.5-52
2010-08-29 Janne JulkunenUpdated my patch v1.4.5-50
2010-08-28 Janne JulkunenUpdated my patch v1.4.5-49
2010-08-28 Janne JulkunenUpdated my patch v1.4.5-48
2010-08-28 Janne JulkunenUpdated my patch v1.4.5-46 v1.4.5-47
2010-08-27 www-datauniversal search update
2010-08-27 Janne JulkunenUpdated my patch v1.4.5-45
2010-08-27 Janne JulkunenUpdate to my patch v1.4.5-44
2010-08-27 www-datamuffle logging
2010-08-27 www-dataputting it in the queue v1.4.5-43
2010-08-26 Janne JulkunenUpdated adv app launch cfg patch v1.4.5-42
2010-08-26 www-dataswipe email reverse style v1.4.5-41
2010-08-26 www-datapushing patches through v1.4.5-40
2010-08-26 www-databrightness to 5 again v1.4.5-39
2010-08-26 www-dataupdate email swipe patch
2010-08-26 Jauder Homin brightness patch bump v1.4.5-38
2010-08-26 Jauder Hounnecessary patch
2010-08-26 Jauder Hounnecessary patch
2010-08-26 www-dataadd swipe patch v1.4.5-37
2010-08-26 Jauder Hoswipe left and right for prev and next emails by egaudet
2010-08-26 www-dataupdates and new patches v1.4.5-36
2010-08-24 www-datarelego patch v1.4.5-35
2010-08-23 www-dataPatch updates 8-22-2010 v1.4.5-34
2010-08-22 Janne JulkunenUpdated system menus patches v1.4.5-33
2010-08-18 www-dataadd min brightness to 5 patch
2010-08-18 Jauder Hoadd modified reduce min brightness patch so that keyboa...
2010-08-17 Janne JulkunenUpdate for mode menu patch v1.4.5-32
2010-08-17 www-dataupdate v1.4.5-31
2010-08-17 www-datanew patches v1.4.5-30
2010-08-17 www-dataanother update v1.4.5-29
2010-08-17 www-databatch of updates
2010-08-15 Janne JulkunenUpdated mode menu patch v1.4.5-28
2010-08-15 Janne JulkunenUpdated mode menu patch
2010-08-14 www-datasome patch updates
2010-08-14 Janne JulkunenUpdates to mode menu patch v1.4.5-27
2010-08-10 www-data1.4.5 updates v1.4.5-26
2010-08-05 www-datagps patch v1.4.5-25
2010-08-05 www-dataupdate
2010-08-03 Janne JulkunenUpdates to my patches v1.4.5-24
2010-08-03 www-datatwo updates v1.4.5-23
2010-07-31 www-databatch of updates v1.4.5-22
2010-07-30 www-dataall outstanding patch submissions v1.4.5-21
2010-07-30 www-datadelete all conversations patch v1.4.5-20
2010-07-29 www-dataUberCalendar update v1.4.5-19
2010-07-29 www-datacouple of new submissions
2010-07-29 www-datareminder times patch v1.4.5-18
2010-07-29 www-dataTwo new patches v1.4.5-17
2010-07-29 www-dataUberCalendar update v1.4.5-16
2010-07-27 www-dataGoogle Country Remove
2010-07-26 www-dataUpdated from author\'s thread v1.4.5-14
2010-07-26 www-databattery vertical percent v1.4.5-13
2010-07-26 www-dataCouple of new submissions v1.4.5-12
2010-07-26 www-dataUpdates from sconix v1.4.5-11
2010-07-26 www-datascreen lock standby times deluxe update v1.4.5-10
2010-07-26 www-dataUpdated Advanced Phone Menu v1.4.5-9
2010-07-26 www-dataProcessed all outstanding update submissions v1.4.5-8
2010-07-26 www-dataUpdated 5x5 icons v1 v1.4.5-7
2010-07-25 Jauder Hodo not log dropped packets
2010-07-15 www-dataUberCalender update v1.4.5-6
2010-07-04 Rod WhitbyUpdated patch v1.4.5-5
2010-06-21 Jauder Horename patch to reflect only enabling smartreflex.... v1.4.5-4
2010-06-21 Jauder Horemove patches sin
2010-06-05 dBsooner's... Updated patches and some new tap radius versions. v1.4.5-3
2010-06-02 Rod WhitbyRemoved superfluous file v1.4.5-1 v1.4.5-2