2009-11-15 lclarkjrUpdated for 1.3.1
2009-11-13 lclarkjrUpdaed to fix issue where page indicators where not...
2009-11-13 lclarkjrUpdate to fix issue where page indicators where not...
2009-11-13 lclarkjrUpdate to be compatible with delete from notification...
2009-11-12 Daniel Beames9 New, 1 modified from form submission v1.2.1-25 v1.3.1-8
2009-11-09 lclarkjrThis patch wraps the launcher pages. Works for just... v1.1.3-3
2009-11-08 Rod WhitbyFixed the names v1.2.1-24 v1.3.1-7
2009-11-08 Rod WhitbyAdded just charge by default patch
2009-11-08 Rod WhitbyYouTube Video Downloads v1.2.1-23 v1.3.1-6
2009-11-07 lclarkjrAdd phone notification repeat patch.
2009-11-07 lclarkjrAdd messaging notification repeat patch.
2009-11-07 lclarkjrAdd email notification repeat patch.
2009-11-06 Daniel Beamestesting
2009-11-06 Daniel Beamesemail-add-priority-discard-btns.patch v1.2.1-22 v1.3.1-3
2009-11-05 Daniel Beames5 adds, 2 modifies via submission form 1.2.1-21 1.3.1-1 v1.2.1-21 v1.3.1-1
2009-11-01 Daniel BeamesFixed pandora-headset-vibrate.patch v1.2.1-20
2009-11-01 Daniel BeamesForgot one more in last commit. v1.1.3-2 v1.2.1-19
2009-11-01 Daniel BeamesAdded patches submitted via form.
2009-10-31 lclarkjrAdd patch to allow the deletion of email from the notif...
2009-10-29 Jauder Horename files to fit naming convention
2009-10-29 Jauder Hooops. messed up the markup
2009-10-29 Jauder HoUpdate README to point to wiki instead
2009-10-29 Jauder HoAdded license for unhide-dev-mode
2009-10-29 Jauder HoRenamed files to have .patch extension and added licenses
2009-10-29 Daniel BeamesFour more patches submitted with script. v1.2.1-18
2009-10-28 Daniel BeamesUpdated top-bar-show-actual-battery-percent v1.2.1-17
2009-10-28 Daniel BeamesFixed camera-improved-filename-format v1.2.1-16
2009-10-28 Daniel BeamesRenamed music-player-headset-track-advance-vibrate.* v1.2.1-14 v1.2.1-15
2009-10-28 Daniel BeamesUpdate to messaging-personal-avatar-left-side
2009-10-28 Daniel BeamesFixed LICENSE for camera-improved-filename-format
2009-10-28 Daniel BeamesThe more submitted via script. v1.2.1-13
2009-10-27 Daniel BeamesRemoved messaging-personal-avatar-left-side-v2, updated... v1.2.1-12
2009-10-27 Daniel Beamesphone-disable-dialpad-tones
2009-10-26 EricRemove dos mode <CR> byte so patch applies v1.2.1-11
2009-10-26 EricAdded patches submitted via dBsooner's submission script. v1.2.1-10
2009-10-26 Daniel Beamesmisc-lower-swap-threshold
2009-10-26 Daniel BeamesChanges to music-player v1.2.1-8 v1.2.1-9
2009-10-26 Daniel BeamesA bunch of changes from the webOS-Patches Upload form...
2009-10-25 Daniel BeamesLICENSE added for Abyssul's two patches.
2009-10-25 sivanAdds resume play support for the "Books" and "Books...
2009-10-23 Daniel Beames3 New and 2 modified send via webOS-Patches form. v1.1.3-1 v1.2.1-7
2009-10-23 Daniel BeamesAdded 4 patches submitted through webOS-Patches submiss... v1.2.1-6
2009-10-20 Rod WhitbyMerge branch 'master' of git@gitorious.org:webos-intern... v1.2.1-5
2009-10-20 Rod WhitbyAdded Show Wifi SSID patch
2009-10-19 Daniel BeamesRenamed for last time. v1.2.1-4
2009-10-19 Daniel BeamesRenamed again.
2009-10-19 Daniel BeamesRenamed patch from previous commit.
2009-10-19 Daniel BeamesAdded phone-slide-to-end-call for samk1
2009-10-18 lclarkjrCreate patch to add space between the snooze and dismis...
2009-10-17 Daniel BeamesUpdated app-launcher-4x4-icons-v3 for onlinespending. v1.2.1-3
2009-10-17 Daniel BeamesMerge branch 'integration' v1.2.1-2
2009-10-17 Daniel BeamesMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/1818' of git://gitori...
2009-10-17 Daniel BeamesMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/1818' of git://gitori...
2009-10-17 Daniel BeamesMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/1811' of git://gitori...
2009-10-16 lclarkjrCreate patch for calendar snooze duration selection.
2009-10-16 lclarkjrCreating calendar reminder notification repeat patch.
2009-10-15 lclarkjrAdded significant performance improvement to delete...
2009-10-13 Daniel BeamesAdded app-launcher-4x4-icons-v3 v1.2.1-1
2009-10-08 Ericrenames v1.2.1-0
2009-10-08 Ericrenames v0.5.0
2009-10-08 dBsoonerDropped Luna category. Sepereated patches to 'Misc...
2009-10-08 dBsoonerRenamed smiley-faces-in-symbol-box to be mojo category
2009-10-08 dBsoonerFor acydlord: removed improperly formatted title patch...
2009-10-08 Ericfix name
2009-10-07 acydlordchanged patch name to match structure# (use "git...
2009-10-07 acydlordadded clean messaging patch for webos 1.2
2009-10-07 flare576Merge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:webos-internals...
2009-10-07 dBsoonerUpdated v0.5.0
2009-10-07 flare576Slight adjustment to left-margin to improve right-side...
2009-10-07 dBsoonerReorganized everything into new structure
2009-10-06 dBsoonerRenamed more-icons-per-row-5x4-flare576 v0.4.5
2009-10-06 flare576Improved spacing over existing solution.
2009-10-05 Ericadd pdfviewer landscape patch v0.4.4
2009-10-04 EricAdd changes from dBsooner: v0.4.3
2009-10-04 EricFix patches that I generated poorly, and lost functiona... v0.4.2
2009-10-03 EricAdd patch for showing call history during call via... v0.4.1
2009-10-03 Ericfix patch v0.4.0
2009-10-03 Ericadd patch for email bug fix v0.3.5
2009-10-03 EricUpdated patches to 1.2.0, removed obsolete bookmark... v0.3.4
2009-10-02 Ericfixed patch trailing CR v0.3.3
2009-10-02 EricAdded patches supplied by fritos1406 from precentral... v0.3.2
2009-10-02 EricRegenerated patches to remove trailing CRs and ignore... v0.3.1
2009-10-02 EricAdded patches supplied by Jason Robitaille v0.3.0
2009-10-01 EricAdd hide musicplayer patch v0.2.8 v0.2.9
2009-10-01 rootMerge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:webos-internals... v0.2.7
2009-10-01 rootCorrected typo - Now works with 1.2 for adding individu...
2009-10-01 Ericadd patch for dBsooner v0.2.6
2009-10-01 Ericfix patch to not include image binary v0.2.5
2009-10-01 Ericupdate to 1.2 v0.2.4
2009-10-01 Ericupdated to 1.2 v0.2.3
2009-10-01 EricAdd patches from precentral users upon request v0.2.1 v0.2.2
2009-09-30 rootUpdated to work with 1.2
2009-09-30 rootAdd / Delete Pages in the Launcher - Updated to 1.2
2009-09-30 rootAdds a phone power selector. Updated to 1.2
2009-09-30 rootAdds the State name to all incoming calls. Updated...
2009-09-30 rootTurns off the system tones during a call. Will reset...
2009-09-30 rootUpdated to 1.2 WebOS
2009-09-30 rootUpdated to work with 1.2
2009-09-30 rootUpdated for 1.2 - adds additional sound selections...
2009-09-30 IkyoUpdated to 1.2