Removed "early-prerelease" warning from
[webos-internals:djcin7s-bootstrap.git] /
2009-11-17 Rod WhitbyAdded support for the Pixi
2009-08-14 jjvcuylerAdded check for ipkg-opt -JackieRipper
2009-08-09 Rod WhitbyRemoved quilt-lite dependency on util-linux-ng.
2009-08-09 jjvcuylerAdded prompting for uninstalling quilt, perl, libdb...
2009-08-08 Rod Whitbyquilt-bootstrap: Now uses quilt-lite instead of quilt
2009-07-21 Rod WhitbyFixed for the emulator
2009-07-20 jjvcuylerbug fixes
2009-07-17 jjvcuylerScript for automatically installing and configuring...