Removed "early-prerelease" warning from
[webos-internals:djcin7s-bootstrap.git] /
2010-02-20 Rod WhitbyFix arch detection for pixi
2010-01-02 Rod WhitbyMade the check for cryptofs more robust
2010-01-02 Rod WhitbyChange the order of recan and service restart
2009-12-30 Rod WhitbyUpdated precorder bootstrap
2009-12-02 Daniel BeamesMerge branch 'master' of
2009-11-28 Rod WhitbyFixed the Pixi detection
2009-11-24 Rod WhitbyMissed one ARCH
2009-11-24 Rod WhitbyUse the testing feed
2009-11-24 Rod WhitbyFixed the architecture of the download
2009-11-24 Rod WhitbyAdded