Removed "early-prerelease" warning from
[webos-internals:djcin7s-bootstrap.git] /
2009-12-30 Rod WhitbyUse Preware to install optware stuff now
2009-11-17 Rod WhitbyMerge branch 'master' of
2009-11-17 Rod WhitbyAdded support for the Pixi
2009-07-22 jjvcuylerAdded a line in sudoers to allow sfttp with NOPASSWD...
2009-07-21 Rod WhitbyFixed for the emulator
2009-07-20 jjvcuylerSpelling in comments -JackieRipper
2009-07-20 jjvcuylerNow starts dropbear, version bump to 1.0 -JackieRipper
2009-07-20 jjvcuylerVersion bump
2009-07-20 jjvcuylerCheck to see if ipkg-ipt is installed -JackieRipper
2009-07-20 jjvcuylerFull path to Packages - JackieRipper
2009-07-20 Rod WhitbyFixed the feed location for ipkg-opt
2009-07-17 Rod Updated to work on the Pre Emulator
2009-07-17 jjvcuylerAdded alternate /opt mount configuration if running...
2009-07-17 jjvcuylerAdded EMULATOR variable -JackieRipper
2009-07-17 jjvcuylerVersion bump
2009-07-17 jjvcuylerMANY bug fixes -JackieRipper
2009-07-17 jjvcuylerFixed typo -JackieRipper
2009-07-17 jjvcuylerRemoved installation of git and quilt. Will be a separ...
2009-07-16 jjvcuylerBug fixes - missing mkdirs (oc80z) - JackieRipper
2009-07-16 jjvcuylerComplete rewrite, with logging, increased error checkin...
2009-07-13 jjvcuylerUpdated profile to work properly (escaped $ and `)...
2009-07-13 jjvcuylerScript to automate the installation/configuration of...
2009-07-13 jjvcuylerScript for automating installation and configuration...