2009-09-03 Rod WhitbyExcised all existence of ipkgs which contain serious... master
2009-08-22 Ryan Hopetest_for_egaudet
2009-08-19 Ryan Hopedelelte more folders and replace with more stubs
2009-08-19 Ryan Hopedelete old dirs, add info stubs
2009-08-19 Ryan HopeMerge branch 'master' of ssh://gitorious.org/webos...
2009-08-19 Ryan Hopeadd SessionIDGenerator from JBOS libs... its LGPL so...
2009-08-19 Rod WhitbyTell people to ignore the icon
2009-08-19 Rod WhitbyMade the text independent of post install or pre removal.
2009-08-19 Rod Whitbyipkgservice, preware: Bumped the versions and added...
2009-08-19 unknownchanged appinfo.json back to original.
2009-08-19 unknowninitial postinst script confirmation mojo app
2009-08-19 Ryan Hopeadd <nature>com.palm.pdt.nature</nature>
2009-08-19 Ryan Hopefix things
2009-08-19 Ryan HopeMerge branch 'master' of ssh://gitorious.org/webos...
2009-08-19 Ryan Hopeadd stub for confirmation mojo
2009-08-18 Rod WhitbyPreware: updated appinfo.json with release date and...
2009-08-17 Ryan Hopeadd init() and cleanup() methods
2009-08-17 Ryan Hopeadd .gitignore, dont track ipk files in the git repo
2009-08-17 Ryan Hopeadd org.webosinternals.ipkgservice.jar to .gitignore
2009-08-17 Ryan HopeMerge branch 'master' of ssh://gitorious.org/webos...
2009-08-17 Ryan Hoperemove jar
2009-08-17 unknownadded searching to the list
2009-08-17 Rod WhitbyBumped the preware version
2009-08-17 Rod WhitbyAdded the rescan method, decompiled from the class...
2009-08-17 Zuchmir2Terminal: code cleanup
2009-08-17 Zuchmir2Terminal: real fix for prefs lockup
2009-08-17 Zuchmir2Terminal: cleanup
2009-08-17 Zuchmir2Terminal: fixed bug causing freeze when going to prefs
2009-08-17 oilfixed re-listing of apps
2009-08-17 oilnow it actually installs/updates/removes apps
2009-08-17 Zuchmir2Terminal: fixed bug with first time (before going into...
2009-08-16 Ryan Hopeadd rescan
2009-08-16 Rod Whitbyterminal: Bumped version as per Zuchmir2's request
2009-08-16 Zuchmir2Terminal: added keys <> (Shift+,.)
2009-08-16 Zuchmir2Terminal: Added Bold support
2009-08-16 oiladded app icons for those that have them, and started...
2009-08-16 Zuchmir2Terminal: code cleanup
2009-08-16 Zuchmir2Terminal: Fixed orientationChanged
2009-08-16 Zuchmir2Terminal: fixed: font sizes now work
2009-08-16 oiladded back button per wiki, dropdown selector on catego...
2009-08-16 Zuchmir2Terminal: minor code cleanup
2009-08-16 Zuchmir2Terminal: Prefrences are now saved/restored
2009-08-16 oilonly loads lists once at the beginning, then all child...
2009-08-16 Zuchmir2Merge branch 'master' of git://gitorious.org/webos...
2009-08-16 Zuchmir2Terminal: clear "scroller" and "this" when de-activating
2009-08-16 oilfixed listing of packages
2009-08-15 Rod Whitbypreware: Removed the ~ file
2009-08-15 oilMerge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:webos-internals...
2009-08-15 unknownbeginning of webos app
2009-08-15 Ryan Hopechange get_configs to list_configs for consistency...
2009-08-15 Rod Whitbyipkgservice: Added the info method
2009-08-15 unknownFixed indentation.
2009-08-15 unknownFixed Readme.
2009-08-15 unknownFormatting modification
2009-08-15 unknownChanged mode
2009-08-15 unknownUpdated
2009-08-15 unknownExpanded readme.
2009-08-15 unknownMerge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:webos-internals...
2009-08-15 unknownFixed readme.
2009-08-12 Zuchmir2Terminal: added framework_config.json to output all...
2009-08-12 Zuchmir2Terminal: proof of concept to keyStatesChanged()
2009-08-12 Zuchmir2Terminal: added variable showKeyStates
2009-08-12 Zuchmir2Terminal: minor fix (in JS)
2009-08-12 Zuchmir2Terminal: minor fix
2009-08-12 Zuchmir2Terminal: Added keyStatesChanged() to JS - NOT yet...
2009-08-12 Zuchmir2Terminal: added SUPPORT to the plugin, for mojo to...
2009-08-12 Zuchmir2Terminal: added note
2009-08-12 Zuchmir2Terminal: Cleanup
2009-08-12 Zuchmir2terminal: implemented scroller.mojo.revealBottom()...
2009-08-11 ultraultraBlackRemoved service shortcut.
2009-08-11 ultraultraBlackRemoved 0.0.4. Not there yet.
2009-08-11 ultraultraBlackUpdated everything to 0.0.3.
2009-08-11 ultraultraBlackService's version() method works now. Making progress. :D
2009-08-10 ultraultraBlackCommented out the JavaScript that needs to be corrected...
2009-08-10 ultraultraBlackMade note that the install script is currently non...
2009-08-10 ultraultraBlackAdded note about changes needing to be made to interfac...
2009-08-10 ultraultraBlackRemoved desktop.ini
2009-08-10 ultraultraBlackAdded Toggle VFS app
2009-08-10 Ryan Hopeupdate .project file with new paths
2009-08-10 Ryan Hopedamn mass rename
2009-08-10 Ryan Hopedamn mass rename
2009-08-10 Ryan HopeMerge branch 'master' of ssh://gitorious.org/webos...
2009-08-10 Ryan Hopefix get_configs
2009-08-10 ultraultraBlackFormatting changes
2009-08-10 Rod WhitbyMajor renaming of top-level directories to remove the...
2009-08-10 Rod Whitbyprepod has moved to gitorious.org/webos-applications...
2009-08-10 Ryan Hopeadd toggle_config
2009-08-10 Ryan Hopeadd function to toggle config file status
2009-08-10 Ryan Hoperemove stray imports
2009-08-10 Ryan HopeMerge branch 'master' of ssh://gitorious.org/webos...
2009-08-10 Ryan Hopechange getConfigs to get_configs for consistency
2009-08-10 Rod Whitbyledservice: Fixed typo in getBrightnessLeftLED
2009-08-10 Ryan Hopemake sure /var/etc/ipkg exists and is a directory when...
2009-08-09 Ryan Hopeprint list example
2009-08-09 Ryan Hopeadd the reset of the functions to IPKGService.js
2009-08-09 Ryan HopeMerge branch 'master' of ssh://gitorious.org/webos...
2009-08-09 Ryan Hopefix build.xml
2009-08-09 EricBeginnings of level design, object interactions.
2009-08-08 ultraultraBlackRemoved testfile.test
2009-08-08 ultraultraBlackTesting git