2009-06-27 Rod WhitbyAdded preinst and postinst files, and the HelloService.
2009-06-27 Rod WhitbyAdded the preinst and postinst files, but still cannot...
2009-06-27 Rod WhitbyRevert "Merge branch 'master' of git@gitorious.org...
2009-06-27 Rod WhitbyRevert "sdcf"
2009-06-27 Rod WhitbyRevert "fadsdsaf"
2009-06-27 Rod WhitbyRevert "grrrr"
2009-06-27 Rod WhitbyRevert "test"
2009-06-27 pregametest
2009-06-27 pregamegrrrr
2009-06-27 pregamefadsdsaf
2009-06-27 pregamesdcf
2009-06-27 pregameMerge branch 'master' of git@gitorious.org:webos-intern...
2009-06-27 pregametest
2009-06-27 pregameminor include changes
2009-06-27 pregameadd poostinst preinst
2009-06-27 Rod WhitbyAdded Makefile and ipkg
2009-06-27 Rod WhitbyAdded the upstart script
2009-06-27 RickRick Test
2009-06-26 Evan CouryThese changes were by cphelps in #webos-internals.
2009-06-26 Evan CouryThese changes were made by Rick_ in #webos-internals...
2009-06-26 Rod WhitbyFixed the returnValue from org.webosinternals.shell
2009-06-26 Rod WhitbyRenamed the dbus service to org.webosinternals.shell
2009-06-26 Rod WhitbyUpdated to use org.webosinternals.services.shell
2009-06-26 Rod WhitbyCompletely revamped, based on ShinAli's hello-service.
2009-06-26 Rod WhitbyInitial commit of org.webosinternals.commander application
2009-06-26 Rod WhitbyFixed the install path for the service file.
2009-06-26 Rod WhitbyInitial version of ipkg
2009-06-26 Rod WhitbyAdded a Makefile.
2009-06-26 Rod WhitbyRenamed java file to match class name
2009-06-26 Rod WhitbyChanged the package name and class name and service...
2009-06-26 Rod WhitbyAdded the MIT license
2009-06-26 Rod WhitbyCommand service file.
2009-06-26 Rod WhitbyInitial public version from PreGame. Licensed under...
2009-06-26 Rod WhitbyAdded ShinAli to AUTHORS.
2009-06-26 Rod WhitbyAdded AUTHORS file, with PreGame listed.
2009-06-26 Rod WhitbyRemoved the superfluous 'applications' directory level.
2009-06-25 unknownFirst commit of My Notification App.
2009-06-23 Evan Couryadded org.webosinternals.evanpro.app.helloworld
2009-06-20 ShinAliArgh get rid of this garbage
2009-06-20 ShinAliForgot some vital compiling info.
2009-06-20 ShinAliInitial service example