2009-11-27 Daniel Bates <dbates@webkit.org>
[webkit:qtwebkit.git] / WebKit /
2009-11-27 Yury Semikhatsky2009-11-27 Yury Semikhatsky <yurys@chromium.org>
2009-11-27 Laszlo Gombos2009-11-26 Laszlo Gombos <laszlo.1.gombos@nokia.com>
2009-11-26 Yury Semikhatsky2009-11-26 Yury Semikhatsky <yurys@chromium.org>
2009-11-26 Yury Semikhatsky2009-11-26 Yury Semikhatsky <yurys@chromium.org>
2009-11-26 Simon HausmannRubber-stamped by Holger Freyther.
2009-11-26 Holger Hans Peter... [Qt] Call Widget::setSelfVisible from hide/show
2009-11-26 Dimitri GlazkovWebCore:
2009-11-25 Darin Fisher2009-11-25 Darin Fisher <darin@chromium.org>
2009-11-25 Dimitri Glazkov2009-11-25 Dimitri Glazkov <dglazkov@chromium.org>
2009-11-25 Brian WeinsteinUn-roll out the roll out that was committed in r51376...
2009-11-25 Brian WeinsteinRoll out r51354, r51460, and r51461 to see if removing...
2009-11-25 Chris Marrin Another Windows build fix
2009-11-25 Dmitri TitovAdd ENABLE_SHARED_SCRIPT feature define and flag for...
2009-11-25 Chris Marrin Fixed Windows build
2009-11-25 Chris MarrinImplement accelerated compositing
2009-11-24 Eric Seidel2009-11-24 Evan Stade <estade@chromium.org>
2009-11-24 Alexey Proskuryakov Reviewed by Brady Eidson.
2009-11-24 Darin Fisher2009-11-24 Darin Fisher <darin@chromium.org>
2009-11-24 Chris Marrin Change get... calls to latest spec
2009-11-24 Pavel Feldman2009-11-24 Pavel Feldman <pfeldman@chromium.org>
2009-11-24 Eric Seidel2009-11-24 Joanmarie Diggs <joanmarie.diggs@gmail...
2009-11-24 Eric Seidel2009-11-24 Adam Barth <abarth@webkit.org>
2009-11-24 Mark RoweFix production builds where the source tree may be...
2009-11-24 Laszlo Gombos2009-11-23 Laszlo Gombos <laszlo.1.gombos@nokia.com>
2009-11-24 Jian LiWebCore: * bindings/v8/custom/V8WebGLRenderingContextCu...
2009-11-23 Simon Fraser2009-11-23 Simon Fraser <simon.fraser@apple.com>
2009-11-23 Brian WeinsteinTouch WebKit.idl to force a rebuild.
2009-11-23 Kevin Decker Reviewed by Adam Roben.
2009-11-23 Eric Seidel2009-11-23 David Boddie <dboddie@trolltech.com>
2009-11-23 Eric Seidel2009-11-23 Simon Hausmann <simon.hausmann@nokia.com>
2009-11-21 Jon Honeycutt2009-11-21 Jon Honeycutt <jhoneycutt@apple.com>
2009-11-21 Jon HoneycuttDOMElement::tagName() is unimplemented
2009-11-21 Jon HoneycuttDOMNode::childNodes() is unimplemented
2009-11-21 David HyattChange WebSerializedJSValue on Windows to have a zero...
2009-11-21 Brian WeinsteinAnother go at the Windows Build Fix - this is a couple...
2009-11-21 David HyattMake sure to export WebSerializedJSValue.
2009-11-21 Brian WeinsteinBuild fix for Windows - only declare JSContextRef once...
2009-11-21 Jian LiNot reviewed. Fix chromium build.
2009-11-21 David HyattAdd support for WebSerializedJSValue to WebKit. This...
2009-11-21 Eric Seidel2009-11-20 Chris Fleizach <cfleizach@apple.com>
2009-11-20 Eric Seidel2009-11-19 Yaar Schnitman <yaar@chromium.org>
2009-11-20 Alexey Proskuryakov Reviewed by Darin Adler.
2009-11-19 Eric Carlson2009-11-19 Eric Carlson <eric.carlson@apple.com>
2009-11-19 Eric Seidel2009-11-19 Pavel Feldman <pfeldman@chromium.org>
2009-11-19 Eric Seidel2009-11-19 Jocelyn Turcotte <jocelyn.turcotte@nokia...
2009-11-19 Eric Seidel2009-11-19 Jocelyn Turcotte <jocelyn.turcotte@nokia...
2009-11-19 Simon Hausmann[Qt] Normalize signal and slot signatures.
2009-11-19 Laszlo Gombos2009-11-18 Laszlo Gombos <laszlo.1.gombos@nokia.com>
2009-11-19 Kent Tamura2009-11-18 Michelangelo De Simone <micdesim@gmail...
2009-11-19 Eric Seidel2009-11-18 Shu Chang <Chang.Shu@nokia.com>
2009-11-18 Eric Seidel2009-11-18 Daniel Bates <dbates@webkit.org>
2009-11-18 Sam WeinigMake the Mac Geolocation API async.
2009-11-18 Nate Chapin2009-11-18 Nate Chapin <japhet@chromium.org>
2009-11-18 Kevin OliverReviewed by Kevin Ollivier.
2009-11-18 Eric Seidel2009-11-18 Evan Stade <estade@chromium.org>
2009-11-18 Darin Fisher2009-11-17 Darin Fisher <darin@chromium.org>
2009-11-18 Chris Marrin Add Settings for WebKitShowDebugBorders and...
2009-11-18 Simon Hausmann[Qt] Make the QWebElement::render() test pass when...
2009-11-18 Gustavo Noronha... Properly localize documentation strings for the tab...
2009-11-18 Gustavo Noronha... Ensure that tabKeyCyclesThroughElements is true by...
2009-11-18 Simon HausmannClarify and simplify the legal section in the overview...
2009-11-18 Tor Arne Vestbø[Qt] Add QtLauncher support for opening links in the...
2009-11-18 Gustavo Noronha... Reviewed by Xan Lopez.
2009-11-18 Dmitri TitovRevert r50887, it regressed handling of cmd-left when...
2009-11-17 Jon HoneycuttImplement DOMHTMLInputElement::replaceCharactersInRange().
2009-11-17 Jon HoneycuttDOMHTMLOptionElement is missing some functionality.
2009-11-17 Jon HoneycuttDOMHTMLSelectElement is missing some implementation.
2009-11-17 Jon HoneycuttDOMHTMLOptionsCollection is missing some implementation.
2009-11-17 Jon HoneycuttDOMHTMLInputElement::rectOnScreen() returns the wrong...
2009-11-17 Yael Aharon[Qt] QGLLauncher does not support drag&drop of local...
2009-11-17 Brent FulghamCorrect build error in Debug_Cairo target after @49705.
2009-11-17 Brian WeinsteinTouch files to try to fix the build.
2009-11-17 Antonio Gomes[Qt] better test coverage for ErrorPageExtension
2009-11-17 Pavel Feldman2009-11-17 Pavel Feldman <pfeldman@chromium.org>
2009-11-17 Pavel Feldman2009-11-17 Pavel Feldman <pfeldman@chromium.org>
2009-11-16 Chris MarrinUpdate API of WebGLArray and friends
2009-11-16 Simon HausmannAPI documentation fixes.
2009-11-16 Antonio Gomes[Qt] Broken back/forward after using ErrorPageExtension...
2009-11-16 Dimitri Glazkov2009-11-15 Dimitri Glazkov <dglazkov@chromium.org>
2009-11-16 Dimitri Glazkov2009-11-15 Dimitri Glazkov <dglazkov@chromium.org>
2009-11-16 Chris FleizachNeed to implement ARIA role="directory"
2009-11-14 Eric Carlson2009-11-14 Eric Carlson <eric.carlson@apple.com>
2009-11-14 Dimitri GlazkovWebCore:
2009-11-14 Eric Seidel2009-11-13 Yaar Schnitman <yaar@chromium.org>
2009-11-14 Kevin Oliverwx build fix after r50923 change to externalRepresentation.
2009-11-14 Aaron Boodmanwoo
2009-11-13 Adam RobenBuild fix
2009-11-13 Adam RobenTell the WebFrameLoadDelegate when window objects in...
2009-11-13 Dumitru DaniliucAdding Chromium's DatabaseTracker implementation.
2009-11-13 Eric Seidel2009-11-13 Yaar Schnitman <yaar@chromium.org>
2009-11-13 Adam RobenBuild fix
2009-11-13 Adam RobenTouch WebKit.idl to fix the Windows build
2009-11-13 Adam RobenFinish replacing worldIDs with world objects
2009-11-13 Tor Arne VestbøUpdate documentation for the Qt API
2009-11-13 Eric Seidel2009-11-13 Andras Becsi <becsi.andras@stud.u-szeged.hu>
2009-11-13 Eric Seidel2009-11-13 Jocelyn Turcotte <jocelyn.turcotte@nokia...
2009-11-13 Tor Arne VestbøUse correct install-path when running qdoc3
2009-11-13 Dan BernsteinWhen exiting full-screen video, rather than resetting...
2009-11-13 Dumitru DaniliucRenaming some parameters passed to DB-related methods...
2009-11-13 Shinichiro Hamaji2009-11-12 Shinichiro Hamaji <hamaji@chromium.org>