2012-08-20 cybersphinxUpdate version numbers for 3.1 rc2. v3.1_rc2
2012-08-20 cybersphinxUpdate translations.
2012-08-20 automergeMerge branch 'bugfixes' into 3.1
2012-08-19 dak180Force code signing to happen last.
2012-08-19 cybersphinxFrench translation update by Amiral JCDG.
2012-08-18 cybersphinxMerge branch 'bugfixes' into 3.1
2012-08-18 cybersphinxDefault to xz compression for make dist.
2012-08-18 dak180Disable translations below 80% on the mac.
2012-08-18 cybersphinxDisable translations below 80%.
2012-08-18 cybersphinxUpdate translations.
2012-08-13 automergeMerge branch 'bugfixes' into 3.1
2012-08-11 CypUse std::multiset::iterator instead of std::set::iterat...
2012-08-10 vexedRevert "Add last part of net patch (needs updated serve...
2012-08-10 vexedRevert "Fix reported [-Werror=format] issue."
2012-08-10 automergeMerge branch 'bugfixes' into 3.1
2012-08-08 Per Inge MathisenUpdate ChangeLog
2012-08-08 Per Inge MathisenFix missing decals in Rocky Mountains tileset that...
2012-08-07 cybersphinxRevert "Update translations."
2012-08-07 cybersphinxRevert "Update version numbers for 3.1 rc1."
2012-08-07 cybersphinxUpdate version numbers for 3.1 rc1. v3.1_rc1
2012-08-07 cybersphinxUpdate translations.
2012-08-06 cybersphinxMerge branch 'bugfixes' into 3.1
2012-08-06 CypAdd files missing from 1e5fafabb39f76762ab7a560be777059...
2012-08-06 CypAdd header for std::sort.
2012-08-06 automergeMerge branch 'bugfixes' into 3.1
2012-08-05 CypWarn when uplink and/or lassat is disabled.
2012-08-05 CypSplit frontend*.png and intfac*.png into individual...
2012-08-05 CypCorrectly handle interface image texture pages which...
2012-08-03 automergeMerge branch 'bugfixes' into 3.1
2012-08-02 CypAssert on collision of hashes of resource types or...
2012-08-02 Per Inge MathisenNo longer save default map, max players and map hash...
2012-08-01 Per Inge MathisenMerge branch 'bugfixes' of github.com:Warzone2100/warzo...
2012-08-01 Per Inge MathisenRemove unused lines of code from display.cpp
2012-07-31 dak180Make improvements to the case where there is no codesig...
2012-07-31 dak180Use codesigning for the mac builds.
2012-07-30 Per Inge MathisenUpdate the changelog
2012-07-30 Per Inge MathisenUpdate nullbot to latest version. Rename nullbot includ...
2012-07-30 Per Inge MathisenDo not use std::string in a memory structure that is...
2012-07-30 Cypqt: Use QImage instead of QImageReader to load mouse...
2012-07-30 automergeMerge branch 'bugfixes' into 3.1
2012-07-28 Per Inge MathisenRun astyle over transport code to make it readable.
2012-07-28 Per Inge MathisenRun astyle over mission code to make it readable.
2012-07-28 Per Inge MathisenRemove dead code
2012-07-23 automergeMerge branch 'bugfixes' into 3.1
2012-07-22 CypDon't rename AI players.
2012-07-21 Per Inge MathisenFix reading of scavenger parameter in challenge files...
2012-07-20 dak180Update glew to 1.8.0.
2012-07-16 automergeMerge branch 'bugfixes' into 3.1
2012-07-16 vexedFix reported [-Werror=format] issue.
2012-07-15 vexedNullBot by NoQ
2012-07-15 vexedAdd last part of net patch (needs updated server code).
2012-07-13 automergeMerge branch 'bugfixes' into 3.1
2012-07-12 dak180Update png to 1.5.12.
2012-07-09 Linus LüssingFix reverse balanced tree lookup
2012-07-06 automergeMerge branch 'bugfixes' into 3.1
2012-07-05 cybersphinxUpdate custom translations.
2012-07-05 cybersphinxTurkish translation update by Ayhan Görgülü.
2012-07-05 cybersphinxCatalan translation update by mecatxis.
2012-07-05 cybersphinxFrench translation update by Amiral JCDG.
2012-07-05 cybersphinxGerman translation update by Kreuvf.
2012-07-05 cybersphinxPolish translation update by Emdek.
2012-07-05 CypBump MAX_TERRAIN_TILES from 100 to 512.
2012-06-30 safety0ffMerge branch 'bugfixes' into 3.1
2012-06-30 safety0ffFix moving repair delivery points.
2012-06-29 CypMerge branch 'bugfixes' into 3.1
2012-06-29 CypReset research pending state even if research facility...
2012-06-29 CypDo not halt production on template becoming redundant.
2012-06-29 CypAdd a bit of overly-paranoid checking, to detect hard...
2012-06-27 safety0ffAlways initialize shader usage setting.
2012-06-27 safety0ffAdd settings / UI support for shaders without tex_env_c...
2012-06-26 safety0ffDon't require texture_env_crossbar for shaders.
2012-06-26 vexedAnd even more log spam to help track down current issues.
2012-06-26 vexedLet's not hide error messages, and add more debugging...
2012-06-23 safety0ffRevert "Fix blueprint alignment and snap modules."
2012-06-23 CypFix minor memory leak on loading/unloading transporters.
2012-06-23 CypFix uninitialised variable usage on removing repair...
2012-06-23 Per Inge Mathisenqtscript: Add new function that returns unit limit(s).
2012-06-21 safety0ffFix compilation on non-x86 platforms.
2012-06-21 safety0ffFix dangling pointer when structures are destroyed...
2012-06-21 safety0ffFix blueprint alignment and snap modules.
2012-06-21 CypCleanup: Remove unused mendVtol() function and fix...
2012-06-21 CypRename DROID::sMove.iAttackRuns[i] to DROID::asWeaps...
2012-06-21 CypDon't require OpenGL extensions to be reported, if...
2012-06-20 CypSave and load map hashes in config file.
2012-06-19 cybersphinxRevert "Update translations."
2012-06-19 cybersphinxRevert "Update version numbers for 3.1 beta11."
2012-06-19 cybersphinxUpdate version numbers for 3.1 beta11. v3.1_beta11
2012-06-19 cybersphinxUpdate translations.
2012-06-19 cybersphinxMerge branch 'bugfixes' into 3.1
2012-06-19 cybersphinxUpdate translations.
2012-06-19 dak180Update the mac doc bundle.
2012-06-19 cybersphinxUpdate ChangeLog.
2012-06-19 cybersphinxRemove unused variable, and fix some narrowing stuff.
2012-06-19 CypFix loading of campaign savegames.
2012-06-19 CypMerge branches 'screenscalehack' and 'bugfixes' into 3.1
2012-06-19 vexedDon't convert to a platform specific string here, it...
2012-06-18 CypUpdate ChangeLog.
2012-06-18 CypHandle different maps with identical names, instead...
2012-06-18 safety0ffAdd shader toggle UI.
2012-06-18 Cyp"Fix" object selection bounding boxes and clicking...