2012-02-21 cybersphinxUpdate version numbers for 3.1 beta4. v3.1_beta4
2012-02-21 vexedUse lower-res textures as default.
2012-02-21 cybersphinxMerge branch 'bugfixes' into 3.1
2012-02-21 cybersphinxUpdate ChangeLog.
2012-02-21 CypMake debug messages work in campaign mode.
2012-02-21 vexedMerge branch 'bugfixes' into 3.1
2012-02-21 vexedfix menu defaults
2012-02-20 cybersphinxUpdate ChangeLog.
2012-02-20 cybersphinxTurkish translation update by Ayhan Görgülü.
2012-02-20 vexedMerge branch 'bugfixes' into 3.1
2012-02-20 vexedTry to find which messages are not getting processed...
2012-02-20 dak180Merge branch 'bugfixes' into 3.1
2012-02-20 dak180Update the docs for xcode builds.
2012-02-19 cybersphinxUpdate translations.
2012-02-19 cybersphinxUpdate ChangeLog.
2012-02-19 cybersphinxSearch data/mp for map files in addition to data/base.
2012-02-19 vexedBump netcode, since I forgot in last commit.
2012-02-19 vexedLet the host kick people in non alliance games. (left...
2012-02-19 vexedMerge branch 'bugfixes' into 3.1
2012-02-19 vexedTry a alternative fix for 5694a6fded95e7128c6b8222f6895...
2012-02-19 vexedFix a missed file, broken in 5694a6fded95e7128c6b8222f6...
2012-02-19 vexedRemove broken old-1.10 mod Update NSIS for the removal
2012-02-19 vexedTry to improve the host screen to fit all 10p and move
2012-02-19 vexedAdjust the Super Transport gfx, thanks to Mysteryem...
2012-02-19 vexedFix radar/minimap size to adapt to lower resolutions...
2012-02-19 crabsterExtending components limit in unit design GUI
2012-02-19 Per Inge MathisenSet 3.1's qtscript version properly.
2012-02-19 vadim s. sabinichRussian translation update by Vadim S. Sabinich.
2012-02-19 cybersphinxRussian translation update by rustamv.rman.
2012-02-19 cybersphinxUpdate translations.
2012-02-19 cybersphinxFix looping through selections.
2012-02-18 dak180Update Png to 1.5.9.
2012-02-16 CypAllow configuring default skirmish colour to any colour...
2012-02-16 iNoDliteBring back to life old VBO hack for unlucky OpenGL...
2012-02-16 cybersphinxAdd a --fallback-mode option that makes the game only...
2012-02-16 vexedMerge branch 'bugfixes' into 3.1
2012-02-16 vexedPlay the correct sounds when we are getting attacked.
2012-02-16 vexedCorrectly define the function for compilers that aren...
2012-02-16 vexedDon't hide possible misnamed or non-existent function...
2012-02-16 vexedMake sure we clear the tile with the feature on it...
2012-02-16 vexedClean up includes from 24db01ae102e99d848bec402aadc06ab...
2012-02-16 vexedTone down the text color of the level name/time
2012-02-16 vexedAdd a 'Need more resources' indicator in the power...
2012-02-15 cybersphinxOnly copy javascript doc if we build out of tree.
2012-02-13 CypFix lassat firing too many times when clicking fast.
2012-02-13 CypRename game debug messages to GAME_DEBUG_*.
2012-02-12 CypSynchronise enabling of debug mode.
2012-02-12 CypRemove legacy synch code.
2012-02-12 dak180Update Vorbis to 1.3.3.
2012-02-12 dak180In reference to 3e15039 bump the year in the mac files.
2012-02-12 CypFix unit speeds.
2012-02-11 vexedFix ping times for clients. broken in 74261ad65283f75f7...
2012-02-11 vexedAdd a A_O_R to prevent crashing on null pointer
2012-02-11 vexedUnfortunately, the Project can't stop time, so bump...
2012-02-10 cybersphinxMerge branch 'bugfixes' into 3.1
2012-02-10 cybersphinxqtscript: Add an html target using hevea for the docs.
2012-02-10 cybersphinxqtscript: Use lstlisting in the docs.
2012-02-10 cybersphinxFix radar/unit design in campaign for away missions.
2012-02-10 cybersphinxqtscript: Add function to enumerate base structures...
2012-02-10 cybersphinxqtscript: Add selection by structure type to enumStruct.
2012-02-10 cybersphinxAdd new shortcuts for unit selection.
2012-02-10 cybersphinxClean up src/selection.cpp/h.
2012-02-10 cybersphinxqtscript: Document add/removeReticuleButton parameters.
2012-02-10 cybersphinxqtscript: Remove OPTIONS as an alias for the COMMAND...
2012-02-10 cybersphinxChange new PIE modes to use flags instead of connectors.
2012-02-10 crabsterFix incorrect rounding 1% HP as 0 HP (indestructible...
2012-02-10 crabsterFix incorrect speed bars for vtol.
2012-02-08 Per Inge MathisenFix ticket:3137 - Nexus AIs loaded for javascript AIs
2012-02-08 CypAllow PMs to player 8 and 9.
2012-02-07 cybersphinxMerge branch 'bugfixes' into 3.1
2012-02-07 cybersphinxFix ChangeLog date.
2012-02-07 cybersphinxMerge branch 'bugfixes' into 3.1
2012-02-07 cybersphinxUpdate ChangeLog.
2012-02-07 cybersphinxUpdate translations.
2012-02-07 cybersphinxChange "System message" to "Server message" for the...
2012-02-07 cybersphinxOnly show "player x joined" message in the lobby when...
2012-02-07 cybersphinxFix libvorbis linking.
2012-02-07 CypMake research button flash more consistently.
2012-02-06 CypAlways show droids in production, even if obsolete.
2012-02-06 CypFix another research cancellation not registering in UI.
2012-02-06 vexedMerge branch 'bugfixes' into 3.1
2012-02-06 vexedMisc fixes for netcode.
2012-02-05 CypFix randomly disabled teams and ready buttons.
2012-02-05 CypOnly highlight own ready button, when hovering with...
2012-02-04 cybersphinxMerge branch 'bugfixes' into 3.1
2012-02-04 cybersphinxUpdate ChangeLog.
2012-02-04 Per Inge Mathisenqt script: Document problem with case sensitivity in...
2012-02-04 Per Inge Mathisenqtscript: Do not save c++ defined special variables...
2012-02-04 Per Inge MathisenQuick workaround for scavs going inactive after savegam...
2012-02-04 Per Inge MathisenMerge branch 'bugfixes' of github.com:Warzone2100/warzo...
2012-02-04 Per Inge MathisenIf you save, the load, then save again, then game.scave...
2012-02-04 dak180Update the docs for xcode builds.
2012-02-04 Per Inge Mathisenqtscript: enumBlips() isn't 3.2-only anymore.
2012-02-04 Per Inge Mathisenqtscript: Improve documentation
2012-02-04 Per Inge MathisenMake sure we do not start multiple AIs for each player...
2012-02-04 CypFix desynch on offering an AI an alliance.
2012-02-04 BuginatorWhen people are kicked, don't lock them out from all...
2012-02-04 CypMake latency guesser less optimistic.
2012-02-04 CypImprove screen while waiting for game to start.
2012-02-04 dak180Hopefully make it so conflicts in the xcode project...