2012-11-01 Edward L PlattMerge branch 'vojo-dev' into vojo-production vojo-0.5.7-c
2012-10-31 Edward L PlattModifies boost filter to remove subject prepended to...
2012-10-31 Rahul Bhargavafixes mimetype check for image #1481
2012-10-31 Edward L PlattAdds latest vojo module #1326.
2012-10-31 Rahul Bhargavaupdates vojo submodule for #1471
2012-10-31 Rahul Bhargavaupdates vojo submodule #1481
2012-10-31 Edward L PlattUpdates vojo submodule #1326.
2012-10-31 Rahul Bhargavasaves first image attachment on mms to reg addr as...
2012-10-30 Edward L PlattFixes remote filefield source #1224.
2012-10-26 Edward L PlattAdds latest vojo_generic changes #1454.
2012-10-25 Edward L PlattIncorporates changes to vojo submodule #1471.
2012-10-25 Edward L PlattAdds updated smsframework module #1476.
2012-10-25 Edward L PlattIncorporates latest vojo_generic submodule #1354.
2012-10-25 Edward L PlattFixes missing username bug in sms_registration #1460.
2012-10-25 Edward L PlattFixes creedo mms filter to handle messages with no...
2012-10-25 Edward L PlattFixes bug in sprint mms filter.
2012-10-25 Edward L PlattUpdates boost mms filter for new format.
2012-10-24 Edward L PlattFinishes changes to sms_registration authentication...
2012-10-24 Edward L PlattAdds new hook_mailhandler_authenticate_info() to sms...
2012-10-23 squiggy rubioadd translated by field to vojo branch
2012-10-23 Edward L PlattFixes array_merge error in mailsave.
2012-10-23 Edward L PlattUpdates smsframework submodule #1472.
2012-10-19 Edward L PlattMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/vojo-dev' into... vojo-0.5.7-b
2012-10-19 Rahul Bhargavafixes poor function call #1469
2012-10-19 Rahul Bhargavamore stats work
2012-10-19 Rahul Bhargavaimports group stats tab
2012-10-19 Rahul Bhargavaadds stats tab on group
2012-10-19 Edward L PlattAdds remote source to group logo field #1224.
2012-10-18 Edward L PlattAdds wavplayer.swf to gitignore.
2012-10-18 Edward L PlattChanges text of audiorecorder upload button #1393.
2012-10-18 Edward L PlattAdds missing audiorecorder module from last commit...
2012-10-18 Edward L PlattChanges audio recorder button to say "Save Recording...
2012-10-18 Edward L PlattFixes credo filter for mms #1235.
2012-10-18 Edward L PlattAdds debugging output to credo filter #1235.
2012-10-17 Edward L PlattDisables body text from attachments for credo mms,...
2012-10-17 Edward L PlattFixes credo filter to get body from attachments for...
2012-10-17 Edward L PlattChanges sprint filter to pull body from subject if...
2012-10-17 Edward L PlattAdds watchdog to mailsave and sms_registration.
2012-10-17 Rahul Bhargavaupdates vojo with filemime dependency (#1439)
2012-10-17 Rahul Bhargavamoves filemime into contrib folder because I updated...
2012-10-17 Rahul Bhargavaupdates filemime to D.O release 6.x-1.1
2012-10-12 Edward L PlattIntegrates changes to vojo submodule for #1396.
2012-10-12 Rahul BhargavaMerge branch 'vojo-dev' of gitorious.org:vozmob/vozmob... vojo-0.5.7-a
2012-10-12 Rahul Bhargavaremoves permission change that attempted to fix #1396
2012-10-11 Edward L PlattIncorporates submodule changes for browse by term view...
2012-10-11 Rahul Bhargavasprint filter tweaks (#1431)
2012-10-11 Rahul Bhargavaadds debug flag for watchdog-based logging
2012-10-11 Rahul Bhargavatypo fix
2012-10-11 Rahul Bhargavasubmodule tweaks
2012-10-11 Rahul Bhargavavojo submodule tweaks
2012-10-11 Rahul Bhargavaadds icon on audio story teaser view #1366
2012-10-10 Rahul Bhargavaget up to date on voipextension
2012-10-09 Edward L PlattPatches filefield_sources to make first custom source...
2012-10-09 Edward L PlattIncorporates updates to vojo submodule.
2012-10-09 Edward L PlattIncorporates vojo module updates.
2012-10-09 Edward L PlattModifies gitignore to ignore all *.media.mit.edu sites...
2012-10-09 Edward L PlattModifies gitignore to ignore local development machine.
2012-10-09 Rahul Bhargavaadded note about jcarousel usage
2012-10-09 Rahul Bhargavaupdates rules to 6.x-1.5
2012-10-09 Rahul Bhargavamoves rules module to contrib dir
2012-10-09 Rahul Bhargavaupgrades flag to 6.x-2.0
2012-10-09 Rahul Bhargavaupgrades filefield_sources to 6.x-1.6
2012-10-09 Rahul BhargavaRevert "removed jcarousel - we're not using it (using...
2012-10-09 Rahul Bhargavamessaging_mms and mms_email_gateway appear to be custom...
2012-10-09 Rahul Bhargavasets credo filter back to vozmob/production version...
2012-10-09 mark burdettpulls in css theme fixes from vozmob/production
2012-10-07 Edward PlattIncorporates vojo submodule updates.
2012-10-04 Rahul Bhargavaimproves og_fake_anon, tries sms_send improvement
2012-10-04 Edward L PlattUses updated vojo submodule, Re #1256.
2012-09-21 Rahul BhargavaMerge branch 'vojo-dev' of gitorious.org:vozmob/vozmob... vojo-0.5.6-f
2012-09-21 Rahul Bhargavafixed bug in language identification logic
2012-09-19 Rahul Bhargavaadded bulk operations to moderation group view (#1333)
2012-09-19 Rahul Bhargavamake the group submission details bigger (#1356)
2012-09-19 Rahul Bhargavacarrier additions
2012-09-13 Rahul Bhargavafixed element mobile source email regex
2012-09-13 Rahul Bhargavafixed php parse error
2012-09-13 Rahul Bhargavaadded really send wrapper to aid in debugging
2012-09-13 Rahul Bhargavaelement mobile tweaks
2012-09-12 Rahul Bhargavasupport simple one line sms from vtext.com for username...
2012-09-12 Rahul Bhargavamore tweaks to sms language setting
2012-09-12 Rahul Bhargavaforce the language for sms reg msgs
2012-09-12 Rahul Bhargavatry to send SMS in the right language (#1351)
2012-09-12 Rahul Bhargavalet mailsave parse emails to reg address (#1358)
2012-09-11 Rahul Bhargavafix php method sig error
2012-08-21 squiggy rubiocherry picked ec79bcd7 from vozmob master: enable MMS...
2012-08-21 squiggy rubiocherry picked 36b380a from vozmob master: assume -...
2012-08-15 Rahul Bhargavafixed form to save correctly
2012-08-15 Rahul Bhargavafixed parse error in last commit - oops!
2012-08-15 Rahul Bhargavachanged sms_reg to use new variables #1353
2012-08-15 Rahul Bhargavamoved sms_reg feedback messages into variables with...
2012-08-02 Rahul BhargavaMerge branch 'vojo-dev' of gitorious.org:vozmob/vozmob... vojo-0.5.6-e
2012-08-02 Rahul Bhargavafixed message send options
2012-08-02 squiggy rubioin vojo submodule: oops, remove empty php field
2012-08-02 squiggy rubioin vojo submodule: make title on blog page link to...
2012-08-02 Rahul Bhargavawhoops, did the wrong flag! it is 6.x-2.0, not 6.x-1.3
2012-08-02 Rahul Bhargavaadded verizon2 filter to try and handle SMS from vtext...
2012-08-02 Rahul Bhargavafirst pass at better failure mode for un-filtered gatew...
2012-08-02 Rahul BhargavaMerge branch 'vojo-dev' of git://gitorious.org/vozmob...
2012-08-02 squiggy rubioin vojo submodule: use separate view for voip stories
2012-08-02 Rahul Bhargavaupdated audiofield, devel, flag, themekey, strongarm...