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2013-01-23 Rahul Bhargavaremoved non-accurate dependency master
2012-07-12 squiggy rubioadd css classes to mini panel
2012-07-12 squiggy rubiore-creating CDHJ Group Page Feature mini panel
2012-05-14 Rahul Bhargavaupdated map to read from field_map (not node location)
2012-03-29 Rahul Bhargavaadded panel to feature, for #942
2012-03-23 Rahul Bhargavainternationalization work work on issue #897
2012-03-23 Rahul Bhargavaadded big submit button to homepage (issue #922)
2012-02-26 Rahul Bhargavadefault menu to spanish for Bug #897 - upgrade to 1...
2012-02-09 Rahul Bhargavaremove useless init
2012-01-17 Rahul Bhargavaissue 845: search within one group
2012-01-12 Rahul Bhargavafixed unpublished view permissions, bumped version
2012-01-12 Rahul Bhargavaupdated for server config / nids
2012-01-12 Rahul Bhargavamoved permission hack from module to theme so it applie...
2012-01-12 Rahul Bhargavaadd unpublished story list for administrators to see
2012-01-12 Rahul BhargavaHACK: force og_user_roles to grant right role to admins...
2012-01-04 Rahul Bhargavamoved openlayers styles to main module file for better...
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