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2015-03-10 mario romerofixes issue #1743 related to headphones icons not appea... master
2014-12-12 mario romerocomment cleanup
2014-11-23 mario romerofix for language on voice calls
2014-11-18 mario romerofixes clearing language in simple group script
2014-11-13 mario romerokeyword 'nome' for username change
2014-11-12 mario romerofix for user langauge (voice reg)
2014-10-19 mario romerocomments and function docs
2014-09-26 mario romeroarray size check fix
2014-09-26 mario romerofix for case when no group email is specified
2014-09-26 mario romeroMerge branch 'fix_account_sms'
2014-09-26 mario romerorefactoring
2014-09-26 mario romeroeasier passwords
2014-09-26 mario romerofixes link in blog post notifications
2014-09-26 mario romerosms posting ready
2014-09-24 mario romeroarray size check
2014-09-24 mario romeroinclure blog url in sms notification
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