last changeTue, 10 Mar 2015 04:12:55 +0000 (22:12 -0600)
2015-03-10 mario romerofix for issue #1742 related to an xss vuln master
2014-12-12 mario romerofixes comment typo
2014-12-12 mario romeroadds iusacell carrier
2013-05-03 Edward L PlattUpdates status for gateway. 6.x-2.x-multiplenumbers_229
2013-04-03 Edward L PlattUpdates sms_user_get_uid() to ignore short phone numbers.
2013-03-26 Edward L PlattCompletes support for "can receive" configuration for...
2013-03-22 Edward L PlattAdds "can receive" field to smsframework carriers for...
2013-03-13 Edward L PlattModifies query for sms_user_get_uid.
2013-03-13 Edward L PlattModifies sms_user_get_uid to match based on end of...
2013-02-15 Edward L PlattFixes email validation in sms_get_idd_number() for...
2013-02-08 Edward L PlattAdds support for international numbers.
2013-02-08 Edward L PlattAdds for Virgin Mobile.
2013-02-08 Edward L PlattAdds prefix to sms carrier configuration.
2013-02-08 Edward L PlattAdds international prefix to admin config form.
2012-11-15 Edward L PlattAdds Claro and Oi Brazilian mms carriers #1522.
2012-11-14 Edward L PlattAdds Vivo and Tim Brazilian carriers #1522.
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5 years ago 6.x-2.x-multiplenumbers_229