last changeTue, 8 Feb 2011 04:56:10 +0000 (23:56 -0500)
2011-02-08 Leo Burdperformed basic test on vozmob_callback.module master
2011-02-08 Leo Burdupdated voip submodule and vozmob_callback.module
2011-02-07 Leo Burdincluded vozmob_callback module
2011-02-04 mark burdettmerge Views bugfixes from
2011-02-04 mark burdettmerge Media Mover bugfixes from
2011-02-04 mark burdettget the real phone number for inbound sprint messages.
2011-01-13 mark burdettcompatibility w/ m4v (h264) videos in addition to flv...
2011-01-13 mark burdettmerge core bugfixes from
2011-01-13 mark burdettmerge contrib modules from
2010-12-15 mark burdettfire sms_incoming hook during hook_mailhandler
2010-12-15 mark burdettadjust weight so sms_registration authenticates before...
2010-12-15 mark burdetthook_mailhandler requires that we return the $node
2010-12-15 mark burdettchange sms_registration to depend on mailhandler rather...
2010-12-09 mark burdettadd date module, required by voip
2010-12-09 Leo Burdadded voip as submodule
2010-12-01 mark burdettmerge email dialogue required for HealthyCity map project
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