last changeSat, 13 Apr 2013 00:59:10 +0000 (20:59 -0400)
2013-04-13 John Ericsonexpandbit256 now C no-asm
2013-04-13 John Ericsonfunctions in ksnippits.h now in C, if a C version exists
2013-04-08 John Ericsonslab6.cpp inline asm replaced with my previously made...
2013-04-08 John EricsonDefining variables in C instead of asm so VirtualProtec...
2013-04-08 John Ericsonno longer needed FORCE_NAME()s removed from voxlap5...
2013-04-08 John EricsonStarting to define variables in C instead of asm so...
2013-04-08 John EricsonclearMMX calls removed in setflash; Doesn't seem to...
2013-04-08 John Ericsonmischelaneous fixes for voxed:
2013-04-08 John Ericsonmmxcolorsub & mmxcoloradd now C in voxflash
2013-04-08 John Ericsonremoved unused, buggy assembly
2013-04-08 John Ericson'hrendz' and 'vrendz' variant functions now C
2013-04-08 John Ericsonmovps, intss, addps, mulps, subps, minps, and maxps...
2013-04-08 John Ericsonkv6draw now C
2013-04-08 John Ericsonvoxsetframebuffer now C
2013-04-08 John Ericsonupdatelighting now C
2013-04-08 John EricsonSecond C alternative for 'drawtile' in use
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5 years ago no-asm
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