Display the show and the branches commands in the default help
[vng:vng.git] / src / VngCommandLine.cpp
2010-03-08 Thomas ZanderDisplay the show and the branches commands in the defau...
2010-03-08 Thomas ZanderRemove the last parts of the edit mode I removed ages ago
2010-03-05 Thomas ZanderAdd 'show' command
2010-03-05 Thomas Zandernew version
2009-10-18 Thomas Zandercoding style fix, space after foreach to make it consis...
2009-07-23 Thomas Zanderbump version
2009-06-20 Thomas ZanderAdd feature to fetch remotes&branches from git config...
2009-06-12 Thomas ZanderMore fixing and adding of QLatin1String() wrappers.
2009-06-11 Thomas Zanderbump version
2009-06-05 Thomas ZanderAdd a 'diff' command that basically does the same as...
2008-10-20 Thomas ZanderMerge branch 'master' of git://repo.or.cz/vng
2008-10-18 Thomas ZanderFirst empy method call for AmendRecord
2008-10-17 Thomas Zandernew version ;)
2008-10-17 Thomas ZanderRefactor to place everything in the src subdir