2009-11-20 Thomas ZanderFind all interesting branches.
2009-11-20 Thomas ZanderMove more code from Pull into Configuration
2009-11-20 Thomas ZanderMove AbstractCommand::ReturnCodes to the Vng namespace
2009-11-20 Thomas ZanderRefactor; move some code from Pull to RemoteRepo
2009-11-18 Thomas Zanderadd some todos
2009-11-18 Thomas ZanderSome fixes in 'Pull'.
2009-11-18 Thomas ZanderFix mixup of remote/local names and make tracking branc...
2009-10-26 Thomas Zanderadd todo
2009-10-26 Thomas ZanderFilter out tag names ending in ^{}
2009-10-26 Thomas ZanderMake the timeout option actually do something
2009-10-26 Thomas ZanderFix behavior of pull for new stuff
2009-10-26 Thomas ZanderFix typo
2009-10-23 Thomas Zanderfix error message
2009-10-21 Thomas ZanderMake commit doing a 'git-cat-file' become lazy.
2009-10-21 Thomas ZanderMake 'branches' display the tracking branch too
2009-10-21 Thomas ZanderRewrite fetchBranch to work on shallow repos
2009-10-19 Thomas Zandermove private to cpp file
2009-10-19 Thomas Zandermove private to cpp file
2009-10-18 Thomas Zandercoding style fix, space after foreach to make it consis...
2009-10-13 Thomas ZanderAdd support for replacement urls in git config
2009-10-13 Thomas ZanderALways write the new remotes, even if they are not...
2009-10-13 Thomas ZanderDon't crash on skipping a branch
2009-10-13 Thomas ZanderDon't link to QtGui, not needed and lots less to link...
2009-09-28 Thomas Zandercleanup
2009-09-10 Thomas ZanderWork around bug in less' feature of auto-exit not worki...
2009-09-02 Thomas ZanderCompare sha1s before asking for a pack to see if we...
2009-09-01 Thomas ZanderMake detection of empty repo also work after a git gc
2009-08-10 Thomas ZanderProperly print the end-of-line-has-space warnings
2009-07-30 Thomas ZanderImmensely speed up 'vng changes'
2009-07-25 Thomas Zanderset usage of the pager properly
2009-07-24 Thomas ZanderDon't show bisect branches in 'vng branch'
2009-07-23 Thomas Zanderbump version
2009-07-23 Thomas ZanderMake reverting/unreverting a binary file work.
2009-07-23 Thomas ZanderFix creating a diff for a deleted file.
2009-07-23 Thomas ZanderFix writing renames to only happen on rename.
2009-07-23 Thomas Zandernoticed bug
2009-07-23 Thomas ZanderMake sure we don't ignore hidden files.
2009-07-22 Thomas ZanderFix detecting of binary file status for new files
2009-07-22 Thomas ZanderRefactor the diff-parser to be a state machine to allow...
2009-07-22 Thomas ZanderVarious fixes for revert/unrevert
2009-07-22 Thomas ZanderFix reading a diff in 'whatsnew'
2009-07-22 Thomas ZanderUpdate readGitDiff to work for rename and move patches
2009-07-20 Thomas ZanderAdd test that fails to make the parsing of a diff more...
2009-07-20 Thomas ZanderMake 'revert' clean up after itself correctly in case...
2009-07-20 Thomas ZanderFix writing out patches for
2009-07-20 Thomas Zanderstring fixes
2009-07-19 Thomas ZanderExtend 'pull' to also ask which of the remote branches...
2009-07-19 Thomas ZanderMake partial records work again, we fixed it for >...
2009-07-19 Thomas ZanderFix issue where the cursor kept asking for input even...
2009-07-15 Thomas ZanderFix method name
2009-07-15 Thomas ZanderBetter error reporting.
2009-06-21 Thomas ZanderFix bug that a remote repo was suggested to the user...
2009-06-21 Thomas ZanderAuto store the repos when the user passes them as arguments
2009-06-21 Thomas ZanderAdd Configuration::addRepo methd to manage repositories...
2009-06-20 Thomas ZanderUpgrade push to also be able to select remote repositor...
2009-06-20 Thomas ZanderPlenty of fixes inthe GenericCursor and add the feature...
2009-06-20 Thomas ZanderProvide a little less blueprint.
2009-06-20 Thomas ZanderChange the way we store vng (default) repos in the...
2009-06-20 Thomas ZanderAdd a class 'GenericCursor'
2009-06-20 Thomas ZanderFix constness on isValid()
2009-06-20 Thomas Zanderfollow coding style in curly-braces placment
2009-06-20 Thomas ZanderFix copy-pasted include-name
2009-06-20 Thomas Zanderremove the 'pull' todo since we started that command
2009-06-20 Thomas ZanderAdd feature to fetch remotes&branches from git config...
2009-06-19 Thomas ZanderRead which branch it is we are using right now
2009-06-19 Thomas ZanderAdd api docs
2009-06-17 Thomas ZanderFix typo
2009-06-17 Thomas ZanderRemove obsolete part of the readme
2009-06-17 Thomas ZanderFix diff to now show an invert diff when passing -...
2009-06-17 Thomas ZanderFix capitalization
2009-06-13 Thomas ZanderMake sure we kill the git process after we got all...
2009-06-13 Thomas ZanderFixes the behavior of 'last' to be logical when we...
2009-06-13 Thomas ZanderMake Diff command support --reverse
2009-06-13 Thomas ZanderAdd --reverse option to Changes command. Which shows...
2009-06-13 Thomas ZanderCache results to avoid calling git twice
2009-06-13 Thomas ZanderAvoid subcommand from fetching all config data again.
2009-06-13 Thomas Zanderremove unused header
2009-06-13 Thomas ZanderDetect git-encoded filenames in diffs and parse them...
2009-06-13 Thomas ZanderMore good compile-time ascii checks. Disabled for now...
2009-06-13 Thomas ZanderEncoding fixes
2009-06-12 Thomas Zander* Supply a way to copy command data (including the...
2009-06-12 Thomas Zandercoding style fixes
2009-06-12 Thomas ZanderAllow passing of revision(s) on the command line of...
2009-06-12 Thomas ZanderMore fixing and adding of QLatin1String() wrappers.
2009-06-12 Thomas Zanderfix more encoding issues for non-latin1 filenames
2009-06-11 Thomas ZanderMake this project more ascii cast safe.
2009-06-11 Thomas ZanderFix includes
2009-06-11 Thomas Zanderbuild.
2009-06-11 Thomas ZanderDon't whine so much
2009-06-11 Thomas Zanderbump version
2009-06-11 Thomas ZanderOh, remove the todo since 'diff' is done :)
2009-06-11 Thomas ZanderMake 'diff' also able to generate a diff between HEAD...
2009-06-05 Thomas ZanderI don't think we want the 'replace' command.
2009-06-05 Thomas ZanderAdd QtCreator config file to the list of default ignores
2009-06-05 Thomas ZanderAdd a 'diff' command that basically does the same as...
2009-05-15 Thomas ZanderFixes diff/record/unrecord/etc not working on lines...
2009-05-15 Thomas ZanderFurther encoding fixes
2009-05-15 Thomas ZanderAdd support for non-latin1 filenames
2009-05-15 Thomas ZanderFix parsing 'last' in Changes to give an error when...
2009-05-15 Thomas Zanderupdate todo