last changeSat, 26 Oct 2013 20:01:13 +0000 (21:01 +0100)
2013-10-26 Petter ReinholdtsenAdd support for building "foreign" images, ie non host... master
2013-07-14 Lars WirzeniusFix eth0 to come up automatically
2013-07-14 Antonio TerceiroOptimize final image compression rate
2013-07-14 Antonio Terceiroclean up APT cache after installing packages
2013-07-14 Antonio TerceiroAllow custom command to handle the serial console
2013-06-10 Lars WirzeniusFix kernel package names
2013-04-15 Lars WirzeniusAlways install acpid
2013-04-15 Lars WirzeniusFix if statement indentation
2013-04-06 Lars WirzeniusErf, undo the removal of mbr
2013-04-05 Lars WirzeniusMerge branch 'no-mbr'
2013-04-05 Lars WirzeniusUpdate README to drop mbr dependency
2013-04-05 Lars WirzeniusRemove use of mbr
2013-03-25 Lars WirzeniusDon't make boots be quiet
2012-10-13 Lars WirzeniusAdd missing copy of GPLv3
2012-10-13 Lars WirzeniusMerge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/richard_maw/tar...
2012-10-13 Lars WirzeniusMerge remote-tracking branch 'richard_maw/richardmaw...
4 years ago vmdebootstrap-0.1.0 Release version 0.1.0
4 years ago master
6 years ago use-grub