2012-08-14 Edward Herveytsdemux: Remove useless code
2012-08-14 Edward Herveytsdemux: Calculate pcr/time/offset separately per program
2012-08-14 Edward Herveytsparse: Push out buffer on main source pad
2012-08-14 Edward Herveympegtbase: vmethod to notify when we're done processing...
2012-08-14 Fabrizio (Misto... dvbsrc + dvb api buffer property to overcome buffer...
2012-08-14 Edward Herveysoundtouch: Don't assume output buffer timestamps
2012-08-14 Sebastian Drögevp8dec: Add support for multiple decoding threads
2012-08-14 Sebastian Drögevp8dec: Add support for the MFQE postprocessing flag
2012-08-13 Wim Taymansmpegvideoparse: only apply repeat count when set
2012-08-09 Sebastian Drögevp8: Use pkg-config file for getting the LIBS and CFLAGS
2012-08-09 Sebastian Drögempg123: Give MARGINAL rank to the mpg123 decoder element
2012-08-08 Sebastian Drögegst: Set alignment at the correct place of GstAllocatio...
2012-08-08 Sebastian Drögevp8enc: Update the per-component strides for every...
2012-08-08 Tim-Philipp... Back to development
2012-08-08 Tim-Philipp... Release 0.11.93
2012-08-08 Tim-Philipp... mpg123: dist header file
2012-08-08 Tim-Philipp... win32: update for photography API changes
2012-08-08 Tim-Philipp... tests: .gitignore new curlsmtpsink test binary
2012-08-07 Olivier Crêtemimic: Port to 0.11
2012-08-07 Andoni Morales... winks: add missing default switch case
2012-08-07 Andoni Morales... winks: fix types
2012-08-07 Andoni Morales... winks: fix format warnings
2012-08-07 Andoni Morales... winks: fix unused variables warnings
2012-08-07 Andoni Morales... winks: don't reinitialize MEDIASUBTYPE_I420
2012-08-07 Andoni Morales... winks: define STATIC_KSPROPSETID_Wave_Queued if not...
2012-08-07 Andoni Morales... winks: integrate build with autotools
2012-08-07 Andoni Morales... d3dvideosink: avoid duplicated symbols in static links
2012-08-06 Andoni Morales... d3dvideosink: avoid duplicated symbols in static links
2012-08-06 Sebastian Drögegst: Add stream-id to stream-start events
2012-08-05 Oleksij Rempelvp8enc: initiate encoder to fix a crash.
2012-08-05 Tim-Philipp... Automatic update of common submodule
2012-08-04 Tim-Philipp... gst_tag_list_free -> gst_tag_list_unref
2012-08-03 Patricia Muscalucurl: fixed some memory leaks in the plugin and the...
2012-08-03 Tim-Philipp... configure: require libmpg123 >= 1.13 for 24-bit formats
2012-08-03 Tim-Philipp... mpg123: map input buffer in READ mode, not WRITE mode
2012-08-03 Tim-Philipp... mpg123: query supported output formats at run-time
2012-08-03 Tim-Philipp... mpg123: hook up to build system
2012-08-03 Carlos Rafael... mpg123: add new libmpg123-based mp3 decoder plugin
2012-08-03 Tim-Philipp... schroedinger, mpegtsmux: fix plugin names
2012-08-02 Robert Swainwrappercamerabinsrc: Save image/video reconfiguration...
2012-08-02 Mark Nauwelaertsfaad: do not access frame buffer following _finish_fram...
2012-08-01 Tim-Philipp... mplex: default to DVD MPEG-2 format instead of Generic...
2012-08-01 Tim-Philipp... mplexjob: add nicks for format enums, add some more...
2012-07-30 Tim-Philipp... tests: fix jifmux test for fixed fail()
2012-07-29 Thiago Santostests: camerabin: fix preview message handling
2012-07-29 Thiago Santoscamerabin: update preview buffer pushing
2012-07-28 Tim-Philipp... Revert "camerabin: update to new tag event creation...
2012-07-28 Thiago Santoscamerabin: Fix references to avoid element leaking
2012-07-28 Thiago Santoscamerabin: update to new tag event creation API
2012-07-28 Thiago Santosexamples: camerabin: remove assertion on null property
2012-07-27 Sebastian Drögetag: Update for taglist/tag event API changes
2012-07-27 Mark Nauwelaertsassrender: process ATTACHMENT tag as sample
2012-07-25 Mark Nauwelaertsfaac, voaacenc: adjust to modified audioencoder getcaps...
2012-07-24 Wim Taymansaudiovisualizer: fixate caps
2012-07-24 Wim Taymansguadi: prefix orc functions with gaudi_orc_
2012-07-24 Wim Taymansfieldanalysis: prefix orc functions
2012-07-24 Wim Taymansbayer: prefix orc functions with bayer_orc
2012-07-24 Wim Taymanstests: fix visualizer compilation
2012-07-23 Sebastian Drögeschro: Add support for video metadata and arbitrary...
2012-07-23 Sebastian Drögeschro: Map raw video buffers with the correct read...
2012-07-23 Sebastian Drögeext: Update for video base classes API changes
2012-07-23 Sebastian DrögeAutomatic update of common submodule
2012-07-23 Oleksij Rempelvp8enc: fix memory leak
2012-07-20 Robert Swaininterlace: Use buffer flags and caps correctly
2012-07-20 Mark Nauwelaertsfaad: only discard frame once upon decoding error
2012-07-19 Stefan Sauerspectrascope: fabs->sqrt to calculate the magnitude
2012-07-18 Tim-Philipp... mpegpsdemux: also activate in push mode if the scheduli...
2012-07-18 Tim-Philipp... mpegdemux: fix push mode activation
2012-07-17 Tim-Philipp... spc: extract year as GstDateTime instead of GDate
2012-07-17 Mark Nauwelaertsdvbsuboverlay: no need to make buffer writable twice
2012-07-17 Mark Nauwelaertsdvbsuboverlay: plug some ref leaks
2012-07-17 Mark Nauwelaertsdvbsuboverlay: adjust to modified video overlay composi...
2012-07-17 Wim Taymansupdate for RTP buffer api changes
2012-07-16 Stefan Saueraudiovisualizer: shorten base class name
2012-07-15 Tim-Philipp... celt, opencv, wayland, dvbsub, festival, hls: printf...
2012-07-14 Alban Browaeyswayland: don't link to gstinterfaces, which doesn't...
2012-07-14 Sreerenj Balachandranopencv: port to 0.11
2012-07-13 Mark Nauwelaertsdvbsuboverlay: adaptively blend or attach video overlay...
2012-07-13 Mark Nauwelaertsdvbsuboverlay: use video overlay composition helper
2012-07-12 Mark Nauwelaertstsdemux: more correctly determine expected PES packet...
2012-07-11 Stefan Sauerpitch: register as effect
2012-07-11 Mark Nauwelaertstsdemux: correctly determine expected PES packet payloa...
2012-07-11 Mark Nauwelaertsdvbsuboverlay: ensure minimum page time out of 1 second
2012-07-11 Tim-Philipp... tests: fix build of pitch-test
2012-07-11 Tim-Philipp... dvbsuboverlay: fix compiler warnings
2012-07-11 Mark Nauwelaertsdvbsuboverlay: fixup end-of-display-set forcing
2012-07-11 Mark Nauwelaertsdvbsuboverlay: ensure valid subtitle running time by...
2012-07-11 Mark Nauwelaertsdvbsuboverlay: properly force end-of-display-set
2012-07-11 Mart Raudseppdvbsuboverlay: Handle non_modifying_colour_flag correct...
2012-07-10 Lasse Laukkanenphotography: update documentation
2012-07-10 Lasse Laukkanenphotography: Add manual control of exposure, focus...
2012-07-10 Lasse Laukkanenphotography: Add GstPhotography prefix and fix spelling...
2012-07-10 Tim-Philipp... codecparsers: minor header indentation clean-up for...
2012-07-10 Wim Taymanssoundtouch: port to 0.11
2012-07-10 Wim Taymansfestival: unmap input buffer
2012-07-10 Sreerenj Balachandranport festival to 0.11
2012-07-10 Tim-Philipp... tests: fix some pad template-related criticals in camer...
2012-07-09 Tim-Philipp... dataurisrc: copy into provided buffer if a buffer is...
2012-07-09 Tim-Philipp... tests: fix zbar test
2012-07-09 Mark Nauwelaertsasfmux: update for riff field rename