last changeSat, 1 Jan 2011 23:59:46 +0000 (23:59 +0000)
2011-01-01 CharlieMake sure requests are requeueued if no slot is available master
2010-12-31 Charliestill needs to build..
2010-12-30 TimI think the style() is correct now...
2010-12-30 Timothy Bissonvirtio.c and virtiovar.h better style?
2010-12-28 Timanother attempt at style :-(
2010-12-28 CharlieMore style(9) updates
2010-12-27 CharlieAdjust to style(9) and remove blkv2
2010-12-22 CharlieRemove deadlock with vbb queue
2010-12-21 CharlieAdd queueing infrastructure to throttle outstanding...
2010-12-18 CharlieWorking split drivers. detatch working in blk
2010-12-07 Timothy BissonReturn 0 on close (used by unmount) so it succeeds now
2010-12-05 TimCan newfs and mount a vbd device
2010-12-03 Timothy Bissonblkv2, basic io works, but it's hacked....
2010-10-31 CharlieAdd start skeleton to execute IO from strategy()
2010-10-31 Timothy Bisson-Add dma allocation of requests function.
2010-10-28 Your full nameDev shows up in /dev tree
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