last changeSun, 12 Dec 2010 14:38:15 +0000 (15:38 +0100)
2010-12-12 JPR75Merge branch 'v1.1.x' master
2010-12-12 JPR75Code optimization
2010-12-11 JPR75Show a message when a block is yanked
2010-12-09 JPR75Remove and restore ( from iskeyword to corecctly parse...
2010-12-08 JPR75Fixed unreconized port, brace and signal glued together...
2010-12-08 JPR75Code Clean-up
2010-12-07 JPR75Fixed bug with upper-case ENTITY, COMPONENT copied
2010-12-06 JPR75Fixed bug when port or generic word was included in...
2010-12-05 JPR75Support for signal after brac
2010-11-28 JPR75Support for declaration of multiple signal on the same...
2010-11-21 JPR75Added support for opening brace alone at line
2010-11-21 JPR75- Fixed missing argument when pasting an entity as...
2010-11-21 JPR75Added isoleted ( case
2010-11-19 JPR75Added instance prefix
2010-11-19 JPR75Fixed generic() parser
2010-11-17 JPR75Added verification of existing global variable
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