2012-01-10 Anders Buuscmake build on msvc msvc
2012-01-10 Anders Buuscompile msvc: removed double underscore
2012-01-05 Rui Abreu FerreiraRefactor VimWrapper::icon method master
2012-01-05 Rui Abreu FerreiraAdd missing system-run icon to icons.qrc
2012-01-05 Rui Abreu FerreiraUse resource icons if no other is available
2011-12-28 Rui Abreu FerreiraFall back to standard font sizes in font dialog
2011-12-23 Rui Abreu FerreiraFix tab placement on movement
2011-12-23 Rui Abreu FerreiraInitial support for movable tabs
2011-12-23 Rui Abreu FerreiraAdd size checks to alloc lalloc calls
2011-12-21 Rui Abreu FerreiraRemove PaintOnDevice attribute from vimshell widget
2011-12-16 Rui Abreu FerreiraMerge branch 'master' into merge-upstream
2011-12-16 Rui Abreu FerreiraImport default 3226:601dffb4a18c
2011-11-16 Rui Abreu FerreiraRemove QAction from menubar for orphan menus
2011-11-15 Rui Abreu FerreiraLink using the C++ compiler rather the C compiler
2011-11-08 Rui Abreu FerreiraSet focus to shell on mouse click
2011-10-23 Rui Abreu FerreiraExplicitly Link against stdc++
2011-10-22 Rui Abreu FerreiraFix qmake Makefile parsing
2011-10-20 Rui Abreu FerreiraLook for qmake in path
2011-10-20 Rui Abreu FerreiraAdd QtNetwork module requirement
2011-10-20 Rui Abreu FerreiraRemove temp directory used by qmake
2011-10-20 Rui Abreu FerreiraUse proper link flags for Qt
2011-10-20 Rui Abreu FerreiraEnable --with-qt-dir in configure
2011-10-20 Rui Abreu FerreiraCheck for qmake-qt4 and moc-qt4
2011-10-20 Rui Abreu FerreiraFix detection check for qmake/moc
2011-10-20 Rui Abreu FerreiraUse qmake to help detect Qt parameters
2011-10-20 Rui Abreu FerreiraReject non monospace and non existing fonts
2011-10-18 Rui Abreu FerreiraCheck for empty strings when pasting clipboard
2011-10-12 Rui Abreu FerreiraMerge branch 'master' into merge-upstream
2011-10-12 Rui Abreu FerreiraImport default 3126:409691084d19
2011-10-10 Rui Abreu Ferreiragui_mch_get_fontname now returns the given name
2011-09-29 Rui Abreu FerreiraCheck if QApplication is initialized
2011-09-29 Rui Abreu FerreiraDisabling scrollbars
2011-09-19 Rui Abreu FerreiraRemove unnecessary scrollbar layout
2011-09-12 Rui Abreu FerreiraTurn fake argc/argv into static variables
2011-09-12 Rui Abreu FerreiraRe-enabled mouse tracking for the shell
2011-09-11 Rui Abreu FerreiraFix Qt detection for Gentoo/Ubuntu
2011-08-29 Rui Abreu FerreiraDelay Qt initialization
2011-08-25 Rui Abreu FerreiraPass MAUTO to clip_yank_selection instead of MCHAR
2011-08-24 Rui Abreu FerreiraCheck fonts on font loading instead of stringDraw
2011-08-23 Rui Abreu FerreiraComment SYS_VIMRC_FILE definition
2011-08-17 Rui Abreu FerreiraMerge branch 'master' into merge-upstream
2011-08-17 Rui Abreu FerreiraImport default 3017:3edc4535acfa
2011-08-10 Owen HealyInitialize local variable
2011-08-10 Owen HealyHandle Alt key mappings
2011-08-09 Owen HealyMake "Monospace" font work
2011-08-09 Rui Abreu FerreiraMake italic work
2011-08-09 Rui Abreu FerreiraRemove use of QVimShell::hasInput
2011-08-09 Owen HealyFix key waiting
2011-07-25 Rui Abreu FerreiraFix Insert key
2011-07-22 Rui Abreu FerreiraUpdate input when drag&drop occurrs
2011-07-22 Jekyll Wufix the inputmothoed problem for Chinese character `回`
2011-07-21 Rui Abreu FerreiraMinor optimisation: don't paint white space
2011-07-19 Rui Abreu FerreiraPrint messages in autoconf if Qt is found(Gentoo)
2011-07-13 Rui Abreu FerreiraRespect menu ordering as defined by Vim
2011-07-11 Rui Abreu FerreiraMove new-tab button to the right of the tabbar
2011-07-11 Rui Abreu FerreiraAccept key modifiers for Tab
2011-07-08 Rui Abreu FerreiraCheck oldfont for safety before calling fontdialog
2011-07-01 Rui Abreu FerreiraClip painting rect when drawing string
2011-07-01 Rui Abreu FerreiraDisable use of color transparent
2011-06-29 Rui Abreu FerreiraRemoved old vimgui class
2011-06-29 Rui Abreu FerreiraFix SIGSEV when handling tab close events
2011-06-29 Rui Abreu FerreiraClose tabs with middle mouse button
2011-06-28 Rui Abreu FerreiraFix scrollbararea size policy
2011-06-28 Rui Abreu FerreiraFix wrong close tab event
2011-06-28 Rui Abreu FerreiraRefactor event handling, as delayed events
2011-06-25 Rui Abreu FerreiraDisable scrollbar for small pages
2011-06-25 Rui Abreu FerreiraFix scrollbar ordering and size
2011-06-25 Rui Abreu FerreiraFix layoutSoth signal connection
2011-06-25 Rui Abreu FerreiraUpdate scrollbar layout
2011-06-25 Rui Abreu FerreiraNew scrollarea to hold vim scrollbars
2011-06-24 Rui Abreu FerreiraReorder autoconf options
2011-06-24 Patrick MarquesAutoconf: Fix multiple bugs and support Gentoo
2011-06-24 Rui Abreu FerreiraAutoconf: Fix fallback moc detection
2011-06-24 Rui Abreu FerreiraAutoconf: custom settings for Qt detection
2011-06-23 Rui Abreu FerreiraAutoconf: Qt detection
2011-06-23 Rui Abreu FerreiraDisable kerning for all fonts
2011-06-23 Rui Abreu FerreiraFix DRAWRECT paint color
2011-06-22 Rui Abreu FerreiraStore FontDialog as a static pointer
2011-06-22 Rui Abreu FerreiraFix --with-qt-dir in autoconf
2011-06-22 Rui Abreu FerreiraAdd new tab button
2011-06-22 Rui Abreu FerreiraAdd debug message and variable for slow char paint
2011-06-21 Rui Abreu FerreiraMake sure font dialog shows available sizes
2011-06-21 Rui Abreu FerreiraAutoconf: configure got left behind
2011-06-21 Rui Abreu FerreiraBetter support for Qt detection in autoconf
2011-06-21 Rui Abreu FerreiraStop imposing a max width for QTextLayout
2011-06-20 Rui Abreu FerreiraDisable context menu for mainwindow
2011-06-18 Rui Abreu FerreiraProperly check for WANT_X11
2011-06-18 Rui Abreu FerreiraFix clipboard owned state
2011-06-18 Rui Abreu FerreiraChange application icon
2011-06-17 Rui Abreu FerreiraDock tabbar in any window edge
2011-06-16 Rui Abreu FerreiraMinor fix: change type for special key codes
2011-06-16 Rui Abreu FerreiraFix drawStringSlow with non fixed-width fonts
2011-06-16 Rui Abreu FerreiraMinor painting optimisations
2011-06-16 Rui Abreu FerreiraFixed memory leak when looking for fonts
2011-06-15 Rui Abreu FerreiraPaint fake monospace fonts with drawStringSlow
2011-06-15 Rui Abreu FerreiraFix merge with 2893:c6f8f1957c66
2011-06-15 Rui Abreu FerreiraMerge with upstream 2893:c6f8f1957c66
2011-06-15 Rui Abreu FerreiraImport 2893:c6f8f1957c66
2011-06-14 Rui Abreu FerreiraFix hollow cursor painting
2011-06-14 Rui Abreu FerreiraTrigger an update on a focus event