2013-04-28 Diego BiurrunReplace uses of the deprecated dvdcss_handle type by...
2013-04-28 Diego BiurrunAdd missing strings.h #include for strcasecmp() / strnc...
2013-02-19 Rafaël CarréUse the correct libraries for linker test
2013-03-11 Brad SmithFix pkg-config file for libdvdread when linking in...
2013-02-05 Erik HovlandAdd an error message
2013-01-04 Benjamin KerensaUpdate src/ifo_print.c
2012-10-16 John StebbinsImprove dlopen support on mingw
2012-05-21 Erik HovlandMake sure the input device is closed on failure.
2012-04-30 Ganael LaplancheBelieve config.h instead of trying to detect endianness
2012-04-30 Erik HovlandFix endian detection output
2012-04-30 Erik HovlandRemove dvdread_incdir
2012-04-17 Rafaël CarréFix mount point -> device name on OSX
2012-04-17 LRNlibdvdread uses internal dlfcn on W32, unconditionally
2011-11-30 Rafaël CarréAdd --enable-libdvdcss to the autotools install
2011-11-17 KO Myung-Hundvd_udf.h and bitreader.h are not in src
2011-11-15 Erik HovlandRemove an over aggressive 0 -> NULL change
2011-11-15 Erik HovlandComment to explain the need of config.h
2011-11-15 Erik HovlandReplace tab w/ spaces
2011-11-12 John StebbinsSanitize PTT start offsets
2011-10-10 Erik HovlandUpdate the TODO file
2011-10-10 Erik HovlandUse NULL instead of 0, this is C kids
2011-10-10 Erik HovlandCheck ifoRead_VTS before continuing
2011-10-10 Erik HovlandClear pf_temp to make sure it is initialized
2010-06-24 Erik HovlandCheck the return value for potential errors
2012-12-12 Ingo BrücklRemove erroneous free().
2012-12-09 Doug SpringerFix a segmentation fault hit when reading the DVD ...
2012-12-09 John StebbinsAccommodate duplicate language units and pgcs.
2011-10-08 Dominik MierzejewskiUpdate version number in changelogs.
2011-10-08 Dominik MierzejewskiPoint project website URL to the new location.
2011-10-07 Dominik MierzejewskiBump version to 4.2.0 for release.
2011-10-07 Frédéric MarchalUse NULL instead of 0 consistently.
2011-10-06 Rémi DuraffortFix memory leaks.
2011-10-06 Dominik MierzejewskiUpdate ChangeLog.
2011-10-06 Alexander RoalterFix segfault when reading certain DVDs, for example...
2011-08-13 Erik HovlandMake sure vts_ptt_srpt->title is freed
2011-08-13 John StebbinsFix crash when PTT is too short
2011-08-13 Erik HovlandConditional style change
2011-08-13 Erik HovlandClean up error paths.
2011-08-13 Erik HovlandClean up malloc calls
2011-06-15 Reimar DöffingerReplace deprecated MOUNTED with _PATH_MOUNTED.
2011-02-12 Mike CastleUse a single = instead of ==
2011-01-30 Frédéric MarchalReport which index failed reading
2011-01-30 Frédéric MarchalReplaces the hard-coded values
2011-01-30 Frédéric MarchalInhibit double free of parental management information
2010-09-11 Diego BiurrunMove UDFReadBlocksRaw declaration to dvdread_internal.h.
2010-08-08 Reinhard TartlerFix some spelling issues
2010-08-06 Diego BiurrunMark a large number of functions not used outside of...
2010-07-31 Erik HovlandProvide BUP file support for more issues.
2010-07-31 John StebbinsRemove the special case test for uid=0
2010-07-31 Erik HovlandFix a spelling error in ifo_read.c
2010-07-31 Erik HovlandFix the test of whether disk names should be raw devices
2010-07-20 Nico Sabbiin DVDOPen() use isalpha() rather than checking the...
2010-07-20 Nico Sabbiin OS2 and WIN32 when CSS is not available print the...
2010-07-20 KO Myung-Hunas for win32 check for \video_ts as /video_ts in OS/2;
2010-07-20 KO Myung-HunAs for win32 strip off the trailing \ if it is not...
2010-07-20 KO Myung-Hunin OS/2 Use DVDOpenImageFile() only if it is a drive;
2010-06-01 John StebbinsWin32: large file support under Mingw to go over 2G...
2010-06-01 John Stebbins in _WIN32 do a sanity check against \video_ts in addit...
2010-05-28 John Stebbinsfixed buffer size dimension in UDFGetPVD()
2010-03-05 Dominik MierzejewskiDetect arch endianness. src/bswap.h depends on WORD_BIG...
2010-03-04 Jindrich Makovickaadd bounds checking in UDFFileEntry
2010-01-30 Reimar Döffinger100l, initialize file descriptor to -1, not 0.
2009-12-07 Erik HovlandExpose the dvd_stat_t struct.
2009-11-14 Dominik MierzejewskiUpdate ChangeLog for next release.
2009-11-14 Dominik MierzejewskiRemove trailing whitespace.
2009-09-26 Dominik Mierzejewskibump version due to DVDFileStat addition
2009-09-26 Dominik Mierzejewskicosmetics: remove trailing whitespace
2009-09-02 Erik HovlandAdd *BSD porting bits from 0.9.7
2009-09-02 Erik HovlandAdd DVD file stat from version 0.9.7 to libdvdread
2009-09-02 Erik HovlandUse parens to make the 'is present' mask explicit
2009-09-02 Erik HovlandRemove empty if clause.
2009-08-04 John Stebbinsreplaced conditional checks on MSC with _WIN32 to permi...
2009-06-08 KO Myung-Hunin OS/2 the device must be opened in binary mode;
2009-05-05 Diego BiurrunAdd #include for config.h. Several preprocessor definit...
2009-04-28 Erik Hovlandremoved unnecessary config.h;
2009-04-28 Erik Hovlandmodified DVDOpen() to use a unified DVDOpen_error label;
2009-04-25 Diego BiurrunUse __APPLE__ instead of __DARWIN__ in preprocessor...
2009-02-15 Erik Hovlandspelling fixes
2009-01-07 Reimar DöffingerFix path to dvd_reader.h
2008-12-31 Reimar DöffingerMove installed headers into dvdread directory to make...
2008-12-31 Reimar DöffingerRemove trailing whitespace to avoid issues with precomm...
2008-12-13 Erik HovlandBecause of ARM memory alignment issues the struct app_i...
2008-10-26 Jorgen Lundmancosmetics: sane indentation for case statements
2008-10-09 KO Myung-HunOS/2 support
2008-09-28 Diego BiurrunRemove remaining tabs and trailing whitespace.
2008-09-25 Diego Biurruncosmetics: function renaming from libdvdread 0.9.5
2008-09-25 Diego Biurruncosmetics: one more hunk of indentation sync
2008-09-25 Diego Biurruncosmetics: Sync indentation and similar changes from...
2008-09-23 Diego Biurruncosmetics: Convert all tabs to spaces.
2008-09-14 Diego BiurrunRemove executable property from non-executable files.
2008-09-14 Diego BiurrunAdd missing license header.
2008-09-14 Diego BiurrunRemove useless $Id$, $Log$ and $Name$ keywords.
2008-09-14 Diego BiurrunUse consistent multiple inclusion guards everywhere:
2008-09-14 Diego BiurrunConvert all ISO8859-1 sequences to proper UTF-8.
2008-09-14 Diego BiurrunUse consistent license headers everywhere: Fix FSF...
2008-09-07 Dominik MierzejewskiMention pkgconfig support.
2008-09-06 Erik HovlandRemove all trailing whitespace,
2008-09-01 Dominik MierzejewskiCosmetics: remove empty lines.
2008-09-01 Erik HovlandComments cleanup: fix spelling and grammar errors.
2008-08-31 Dominik MierzejewskiFix parallel make builds and set proper dependencies