2014-09-01 Jean-Baptiste... On the road to 5.0.2 gitorious/master
2014-09-01 Jean-Baptiste... Add a Changelog entry about the Launchpad bugs
2014-08-31 Jean-Baptiste... dvdnav_get_position: Fix mutex unlocking in case of...
2014-08-30 Jean-Baptiste... Return an error in dvdnav_get_position instead of asserting
2014-08-30 Jean-Baptiste... Do not assert on NULL pgcit
2014-08-26 Jean-Baptiste... Update ChangeLog for 5.0.1 5.0.1
2014-08-22 John Stebbinsdvdnav: fix invalid free in dvdnav_free_dup
2014-08-15 Jean-Baptiste... On the road to 5.0.1
2014-08-15 Marcel MolFix for Unknown command type handling
2014-08-15 gnosygnuResolve compiler warning (admap_entries should be unsig...
2014-08-15 gnosygnuChange FP_DOMAIN to DVD_DOMAIN_FirstPlay
2014-08-15 gnosygnuResolve minor compiler warnings
2014-08-04 Jean-Baptiste... Fix data race condition accessing this->cur_cell_time
2014-08-04 Jean-Baptiste... Correctly return fails in dvdnav_jump_to_sector_by_time
2014-08-04 Jean-Baptiste... Fix integer overflow
2014-07-31 Jean-Baptiste... Update ChangeLog 5.0.0
2014-07-31 Diego BiurrunIgnore all generated libtool helper files and release...
2014-07-31 Jean-Baptiste... Fix memleak
2014-07-31 Jean-Baptiste... dvdnav_open: factorize the error path
2014-07-31 Jean-Baptiste... dvdnav_read_cache_clear: use calloc instead of malloc
2014-07-31 Jean-Baptiste... dvdnav_read_cache_new: invert a condition
2014-07-30 Jean-Baptiste... Do not crash on calling vm_close with NULL param
2014-07-30 Jean-Baptiste... Do not reinvent strdup
2014-07-30 Jean-Baptiste... Use calloc instead of malloc+memset
2014-07-30 Dominik MierzejewskiFixing missing <inttypes.h> include
2014-07-30 KO Myung-Hunconfigure: add -no-undefined to LDFLAGS on OS/2
2014-07-26 Jean-Baptiste... Update the ChangeLog for 5.0.0
2014-07-26 Jean-Baptiste... dvdnavmini is gone - forgotten file
2014-07-26 Jean-Baptiste... dvdnavmini is gone
2014-07-26 Jean-Baptiste... Detect -Wall -Wextra CFLAGS
2014-07-26 Jean-Baptiste... Use CC_CHECK_CFLAGS_APPEND instead of AX_CHECK_COMPILE_FLAG
2014-07-26 Jean-Baptiste... Searching: remove unused parameters and signedness...
2014-07-13 Jean-Baptiste... Configure: activate silent rules
2014-07-13 Jean-Baptiste... Update gitignore
2014-07-13 Jean-Baptiste... Update Changelog for 5.0.0
2014-06-11 Dominik 'Rathann... put changes present in 4.2.1 release in the ChangeLog
2014-06-05 Jean-Baptiste... Support Android bionic stupidity
2014-05-14 Jean-Baptiste... Android contains pthread in the libc
2014-05-02 Jean-Baptiste... Fix distcheck
2014-05-02 Thorsten WilmerFix C++ compilation issue in the headers
2014-04-16 Steve Dibbvm.c - remove extra parenthesis
2014-03-25 Jean-Baptiste... Remove unused REMAP feature
2014-03-25 Jean-Baptiste... Reduce remap.h inclusion to where it's needed
2014-03-04 Jean-Baptiste... Do not assert in vm_get_video_aspect
2014-03-04 Jean-Baptiste... Do not crash in set_FP_PGC if vmgi was not set
2014-03-04 Jean-Baptiste... Do not crash in dvdnav_get_next_cache_block if this...
2014-03-02 KO Myung-Hunos2: include os2safe.h
2014-03-02 Jean-Baptiste... Configure: remove tabs
2014-03-02 Jean-Baptiste... Remove misc/dvdnavmini.pc
2014-03-02 gnosygnuAdd documentation for jump_to_sector_by_time
2014-03-02 gnosygnuJump_to_sector_by_time: Initial commit
2014-02-20 Diego Elio... build: provide -Im4 to ACLOCAL_AMFLAGS.
2014-02-18 Richard HulmeInitialise SPRM 15 (audio capabilities) to meaningful...
2014-02-15 Jean-Baptiste... Update the Changelog for 5.0.0
2014-02-15 Fabian KeilIn vm_new_vm(), use the proper calloc() argument order
2014-02-15 Bryce HarringtonCheck for out-of-bounds values for pgcn
2014-02-15 Ivan KalvachevAvoid a crash when program number is zero.
2014-01-10 Jean-Baptiste... Next release is going to be 5.0.0
2014-01-10 Jean-Baptiste... Add missing include
2014-01-10 Jean-Baptiste... Add necessary parenthesis for a single if statement
2014-01-09 Gary BuhrmasterHandle corrupted/badly formatted serial number data
2014-01-09 Jean-Baptiste... Use assert(0) instead of abort for unimplemented cases
2014-01-04 Jean-Baptiste... Remove tabs in source-code
2014-01-03 Jean-Baptiste... Update the DEVELOPMENT-POLICY and README files
2013-09-04 Erik HovlandMake sure program_map is not NULL
2014-01-03 Jean-Baptiste... Fix include order paths
2013-07-10 Richard HulmePass return value of vm_jump_up
2013-07-01 Erik HovlandRemove the local defines of DVD audio enums
2013-07-01 Erik HovlandUse the newly reactived enums, DVD_AUDIO
2013-07-01 Richard HulmeReset vm->hop_channel while resetting everything else...
2013-03-21 AndiFix the audio format enum in dvd_types.h
2013-02-20 Mike FrysingerFix packed structures with mingw gcc >= 4.7
2013-02-20 Erik HovlandAdd ax_check_compile_flag to the m4 files
2013-02-14 Roger PackAdjust comment to match current implementations
2012-08-31 Erik HovlandRemove the old commented out domain enums
2013-08-18 Erik HovlandSwitch over all the old domain enum names to the new...
2012-08-31 Erik HovlandChange all of the domain_t declarations to DVDDomain_t
2012-08-31 Erik HovlandChange each enum name to match the style
2012-08-31 Erik HovlandChange the enum name to match the style
2012-08-31 Erik HovlandAdd in comments to the domain enum
2012-08-31 Erik HovlandChange the type of old_domain and new_domain
2012-08-31 Erik HovlandMove the domain enums to dvd_types.h from vm.h
2013-04-28 Diego BiurrunAdd missing strings.h #include for strncasecmp().
2013-02-26 Rafaël CarréMissing header
2013-02-22 Diego Elio... remove as it relies on the svn data.
2013-02-21 Rafaël Carréfix a warning
2013-02-21 Rafaël Carréprocess_command case JumpSS_VTSM: remove assert
2013-02-21 Rafaël Carréprocess_command case JumpSS_VTSM: simplify
2013-02-21 Rafaël Carrévm.c: simplify
2013-02-21 Rafaël Carrévm.c: cosmetics
2013-02-21 Rafaël Carrécase LinkRSM: remove block scope
2013-02-21 Rafaël Carrévm.c: cosmetics
2013-02-21 Rafaël Carrévm_print_current_domain_state: simplify
2013-02-21 Rafaël Carrévm.c: split in several files
2013-02-06 Diego Elio... build: install basic documentation files.
2013-02-06 Diego Elio... build: fix doc/ subdirectory references.
2013-02-06 Diego Elio... build: rmeove and references to files that...
2013-02-06 Diego Elio... build: remove unused macro definition.
2013-02-06 Diego Elio... build: restore AC_C_BIGENDIAN call.
2013-02-06 Diego Elio... build: do not check for dlopen() as it's unused.