Accommodate duplicate language units and pgcs.
[videolan:dondiegos-libdvdread.git] / src / ifo_read.c
2012-12-09 Dominik MierzejewskiAccommodate duplicate language units and pgcs.
2011-10-07 Erik HovlandUse NULL instead of 0 consistently.
2011-10-06 Dominik MierzejewskiFix memory leaks.
2011-08-13 Erik HovlandMake sure vts_ptt_srpt->title is freed
2011-08-13 Erik HovlandFix crash when PTT is too short
2011-08-13 Erik HovlandConditional style change
2011-08-13 Erik HovlandClean up error paths.
2011-08-13 Erik HovlandClean up malloc calls
2011-01-30 Erik HovlandReport which index failed reading
2011-01-30 Erik HovlandReplaces the hard-coded values
2011-01-30 Erik HovlandInhibit double free of parental management information
2010-08-08 Reinhard TartlerFix some spelling issues
2010-07-31 Erik HovlandProvide BUP file support for more issues.
2010-07-31 Erik HovlandFix a spelling error in ifo_read.c
2009-09-02 Erik HovlandUse parens to make the 'is present' mask explicit
2008-12-31 Reimar DöffingerMove installed headers into dvdread directory to make...
2008-09-25 Diego Biurruncosmetics: Sync indentation and similar changes from...
2008-09-23 Diego Biurruncosmetics: Convert all tabs to spaces.
2008-09-14 Diego BiurrunConvert all ISO8859-1 sequences to proper UTF-8.
2008-09-14 Diego BiurrunUse consistent license headers everywhere: Fix FSF...
2008-09-06 Dominik MierzejewskiRemove all trailing whitespace,
2008-07-16 Nico Sabbimoved various pieces of duplicated code to free_ptl_mai...
2008-06-01 Nico Sabbimoved to src/ the sources files