2012-03-05 Richard W.M... Security: Set supplemental groups correctly when droppi...
2012-01-16 Richard W.M... Version 0.5. 0.5
2012-01-16 Richard W.M... Fix signed/unsigned comparison problems.
2012-01-16 Richard W.M... dump_xenstore_metrics: Refactor this function.
2012-01-16 Richard W.M... Mark unused parameters with ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED.
2012-01-16 Richard W.M... configure: If using --enable-debug, enable -Wextra...
2012-01-16 Richard W.M... tests: Link with -dl.
2010-01-07 Alex ZefferttFix build when './configure --enable-xenctrl' is used
2009-12-09 Richard JonesVersion 0.4. 0.4
2009-12-09 Richard Jonesconfigure.ac: Fix C compiler detection to be compatible...
2009-12-09 Richard Joneschdir ("/") when daemonizing self.
2009-10-16 Richard Jonesvm-dump-metrics: On error, exit with status code 1.
2009-10-16 Richard Jonesvm-dump-metrics: Fix segmentation fault if Xenstore...
2009-10-15 Richard JonesAdd CONNECT substitution <action>s.
2009-10-15 Richard JonesAdd '-c uri' command line option to specify libvirt...
2009-10-15 Richard JonesAdd '-u user' command line option to drop root privs.
2009-10-15 Richard JonesAlways connect to libvirt read-only.
2009-10-15 Richard JonesClean up VM metrics error message.
2009-10-15 Richard JonesAllow gcc to check calls to vu_log* printf-like functions.
2009-10-15 Richard Jonesautotools: Use AC_GNU_SOURCE and config.h
2009-10-13 Richard JonesFurther changes to avoid using xenstore.
2009-10-12 Richard JonesAllow xenstore dependency to be removed using ./configu...
2009-10-12 Richard Jonesconfigure: Fix '--with{,out}-xenstore' option.
2009-10-08 Richard JonesVersion 0.3
2009-10-07 Richard JonesAdd me to AUTHORS file.
2009-10-07 Richard JonesOpen metrics disk with O_DIRECT.
2009-10-07 Richard JonesDocument how to configure a domain with 'virsh edit'
2009-10-07 Richard JonesMake the default disk be /dev/shm/vhostmd0.
2009-08-14 Richard JonesAdd .gitignore file to ignore generated files.
2009-08-13 Jim FehligInitial import of vhostmd project