2011-06-19 Andrey NechypurenkoSwitch to direct way to work with I2C.
2011-06-13 Andrey NechypurenkoFind more or less stable combination of delays.
2011-06-12 Andrey NechypurenkoImprove stability by reconnection, add sonar support.
2011-06-08 Andrey NechypurenkoAttempt to read real data from compass. Very unstable...
2011-06-07 Andrey NechypurenkoFix the bug where sensor frame was not cleaned up after...
2011-06-06 Andrey NechypurenkoEnable test sensor output for compass and GPS.
2011-06-06 Andrey NechypurenkoContinue working on I2C sensor infrastructure.
2011-06-05 Andrey NechypurenkoContinue adding infrastructure elements for sensors...
2011-06-04 Andrey NechypurenkoAdd infrastructure to read data from sonar, gps and...
2011-06-03 Andrey NechypurenkoAdd support for PWM genration with GPIO.
2011-05-26 Andrey NechypurenkoMake video working again.
2011-05-26 Andrey NechypurenkoMake it compilable on Windows with MSVC2010 again.
2011-05-21 Andrey NechypurenkoChange git url for cmake-modules submodule to allow
2011-05-19 Andrey NechypurenkoSlightly restructure CMakeLists.txt file.
2011-05-18 Andrey NechypurenkoForget to add -a option to git commit. This CMakeLists.txt
2011-05-18 Andrey NechypurenkoAdjust cmake files for the new directory structure.
2011-05-18 Andrey NechypurenkoForgot to add src subdirectory.
2011-05-18 Andrey NechypurenkoAdd cmake modules as submodule. Move sources to src...
2011-05-16 Andrey NechypurenkoAdd submodule remote-interfaces
2011-05-16 Andrey NechypurenkoInitial commit.