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2013-03-30 xvedejaswhile loop works, interpreter is now explicitly recursi... master
2013-03-28 xvedejasinteger comparisons
2013-03-28 xvedejasinteger comparisons
2013-03-28 xvedejasifTrue:ifFalse: added
2013-03-28 xvedejasmay now send multiple arguments to a user-defined block...
2013-03-28 xvedejasuser defined block execution with one argument works
2013-03-26 xvedejasvariable resolution working
2013-03-17 xvedejashello world works now
2013-01-25 xanderfixed lexer/parser, test 1 now passing
2012-07-19 xanderfixed a parser precedence issue, but uncovered a memory...
2012-07-18 xanderbegun rtl8139 driver, not quite ready yet. Some more...
2012-07-14 xanderContinued work on the VM
2012-03-25 xvedejasVM test works now
2012-03-25 xvedejasFixed recursion issues in vm.c and lookup based on...
2011-11-26 xvedejasfixed some vm stuff, added sorting algorithms
2011-11-12 xvedejasminor fixes in parser
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