2011-01-19 shuerhaakenMore actions to make valaunch gtk+3.0 ready
2011-01-18 shuerhaakenAdd my mail address and comment
2011-01-18 shuerhaakensome refactoring; add *_DISABLE_DEPRECATED macros to...
2011-01-09 shuerhaakenremove libgnome-menu dependency
2011-01-07 shuerhaakenadd icon
2011-01-07 shuerhaakenminor fixes, formatting
2010-12-29 shuerhaakenadd 'recent files' plugin
2010-12-26 shuerhaakensome cleaning up for interfaces
2010-12-26 shuerhaakenremove some old stuff
2010-12-26 shuerhaakenintroduce plugin infrastructure
2010-12-24 shuerhaakenfix gitignore and distclean files
2010-12-24 shuerhaakeninitial commit