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2011-08-24 Fabian DeutschAdd gir support. mine
2011-07-05 Jakob WesthoffMerge pull request #1 from purpleKarrot/master master
2011-05-08 Daniel PfeiferUse more CMake functionality
2010-08-23 Jakob WesthoffBumped copyright years
2010-08-23 Kevin KrammerUnterstützung für CMake Pfadvariablen in CUSTOM_VAPIS
2010-06-20 Dzhelil RufatHandle directory path for CUSTOM_VAPI correctly.
2010-06-19 Dzhelil RufatOutput header files to the correct directory.
2010-06-19 Dzhelil RufatRestore argument parsing.
2010-06-19 Dzhelil RufatAdd support for specifying output directory.
2010-06-19 Felix WolfstellerRather cosmetic changes in the README.rst
2009-12-16 Jakob WesthoffMade Vala required for the ValaPrecompile macro
2009-12-16 Jakob WesthoffAdded macro to easily check agains certain Vala versions
2009-12-16 Jakob WesthoffAdded more rst magic
2009-12-16 Jakob WesthoffConverted README from markdown to rst after realizing...
2009-12-15 Jakob WesthoffAdded installation and usage example to the README...
2009-12-15 Jakob WesthoffCleaned up spaces/tabs and reformatted some calls
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