2013-10-29 Alberto GarciaDebian files for 0.8.6-1fremantle1 fremantle/0.8.6-1fremantle1
2013-10-28 Alberto Garcia=== Released Vagalume 0.8.6 === master vagalume-0.8.6
2013-10-28 Alberto GarciaUpdate README file
2013-10-28 Alberto GarciaUpdate copyright years
2013-10-28 Alberto GarciaUpdate all translations
2013-10-28 Alberto GarciaRevert "Use the mouse wheel on the tray icon to change...
2013-10-28 Alberto GarciaPass subdir-objects parameter to automake
2013-10-28 Alberto GarciaMake GStreamer 1.0 the default version
2013-10-28 Alberto GarciaRemove the gstmixer support
2013-10-28 Alberto GarciaRemove the hack to stream MP3 instead of OGG from Jamendo
2013-10-28 Alberto GarciaUse GStreamer decodebin and autoaudiosink elements
2013-10-13 Alberto GarciaDon't use g_thread_init() in glib >= 2.32
2013-08-27 Alberto GarciaAdd support for GStreamer 1.0
2013-06-11 Alberto GarciaAdd 'foreign' option to AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE
2013-06-11 Alberto GarciaAdd AM_PROG_CC_C_O to
2013-06-11 Alberto GarciaAdd Keywords field to the .desktop file
2013-06-11 Alberto GarciaUse GTK+ 3 by default
2013-06-11 Alberto GarciaReplace mkinstalldirs with MKDIR_P in
2013-06-11 Alberto GarciaUpdate copyright years and e-mail address
2013-06-11 Alberto GarciaUpdate all .po files
2013-06-07 Alberto GarciaFix all fuzzy translations
2013-01-21 Alberto GarciaIgnore VAGALUME_DEBUG if G_MESSAGES_DEBUG is set
2013-01-21 Alberto GarciaShow explicit error message if the radio is geo restricted
2012-06-29 Alberto GarciaAdd generated files to CLEANFILES
2012-06-11 Erkan YilmazFix typo in README file
2012-03-28 Alberto GarciaFix typo in Portuguese translation
2012-03-09 Alberto GarciaUse the mouse wheel on the tray icon to change the...
2012-03-09 Alberto GarciaDon't disconnect signal handlers when the tray icon...
2012-03-04 Michel Alexandre... Register vagalume as handler for lastfm:// URLs
2012-02-04 Michel Alexandre... Remove deprecated category from desktop file
2011-12-27 Alberto GarciaUpdate hack to make Jamendo stream music in MP3 format
2011-11-28 Alberto GarciaAdd GenericName and X-GNOME-FullName entries to the...
2011-11-22 Alberto GarciaAdd data/ to POTFILES.skip
2011-07-01 Alberto GarciaUpdate copyright year
2011-07-01 Alberto Garcia=== Released Vagalume 0.8.5 === vagalume-0.8.5
2011-07-01 Alberto GarciaUse proper return value in lastfm_ws_old_get_album_tags()
2011-07-01 Alberto GarciaFix compilation warning
2011-06-28 Alberto GarciaUpdated Spanish translation
2011-06-28 Alberto GarciaFix 'Low bitrate stream' help string
2011-06-20 Andrea GrandiUpdated Italian translation
2011-06-20 Amador Loureiro... Updated Galician translation
2011-06-19 Oskar WelzlUpdated German translation
2011-06-17 Julien DuponchelleUpdated French translation
2011-06-17 Alberto Garciavagalume.spec is very outdated, remove it
2011-06-17 Marcos GarciaUpdated Portuguese translation
2011-06-16 Alberto GarciaImprove libnotify detection support
2011-06-16 Alberto GarciaDon't use gtk_status_icon_set_tooltip() in GTK+ >=...
2011-06-16 Alberto GarciaAdd dependencies on gstreamer0.10-gconf and gstreamer0...
2011-06-16 Alberto GarciaUpdate debian/copyright and debian/control files
2011-06-15 Pēteris CauneUpdated Latvian translation
2011-06-14 Alberto GarciaDon't output debug messages unless VAGALUME_DEBUG is set
2011-06-14 Dawid PakułaUpdated Polish translation
2011-06-14 Janne MäkinenUpdated Finnish translation
2011-06-14 Alberto GarciaRemove vagalume.pot and update all .po files
2011-06-14 Alberto GarciaAdd support for system-wide proxy using libproxy
2011-06-14 Alberto GarciaAdd implementation of g_strcmp0() for older GLib versions
2011-06-14 Alberto GarciaAdd SOCKS proxy support
2011-05-27 Alberto GarciaInclude gdkkeysyms.h to properly detect the new GDK...
2011-05-27 Alberto GarciaGenerate a ChangeLog when running 'make dist'
2011-04-03 Alberto GarciaUpdate copyright years
2011-04-03 Alberto GarciaAdd reference to the N900 in the README file
2011-04-03 Alberto GarciaAdd GTK+ 3 support
2011-04-03 Alberto GarciaDon't leak the GtkRcStyle object
2011-04-03 Alberto GarciaAdd support for GtkCssProvider to set the cover album...
2011-04-03 Alberto GarciaDisable gtk_about_dialog_set_{url,email}_hook in GTK...
2011-04-03 Alberto GarciaReplace GtkComboBoxEntry with GtkComboBoxText
2011-04-03 Alberto GarciaAdd support for GtkComboBoxText to replace gtk_combo_bo...
2011-04-03 Alberto GarciaAdd support for the GTK+ 3 progress bar
2011-04-03 Alberto GarciaReplace GTK_WIDGET_IS_SENSITIVE with gtk_widget_is_sens...
2011-04-03 Alberto GarciaUse gtk_widget_set_tooltip_text() when possible
2011-04-03 Alberto GarciaReplace all GDK_* keysyms by the new GDK_KEY_* macros
2011-04-03 Alberto GarciaReplace all direct accesses to GtkBin->child
2011-04-03 Alberto GarciaReplace all direct accesses to GtkDialog->{vbox,action_...
2011-03-16 Alberto GarciaAdd support for low bitrate streams
2011-03-14 Serkan KabaFix compilation with libnotify >= 0.7.0
2011-01-17 Carles Muñoz... Added Catalan translation
2010-12-26 Alberto Garcia=== Released Vagalume 0.8.4 === vagalume-0.8.4
2010-12-26 Alberto GarciaUpdated watch file
2010-12-26 Alberto GarciaRemove MAINTAINERCLEANFILES from
2010-12-26 Alberto GarciaConfigure EXTRA_DIST variables properly
2010-11-17 Alberto GarciaMinor fix in Russian translation
2010-11-17 Vitaly PetrovUpdated Russian translation
2010-11-09 Marcos GarciaUpdated Portuguese translation
2010-11-07 Dawid PakułaUpdated Polish translation
2010-11-05 Janne MäkinenUpdated Finnish translation
2010-11-05 Alberto GarciaUpdated Spanish translation
2010-11-03 Andrea GrandiUpdated Italian translation
2010-11-03 Julien DuponchelleUpdated French translation
2010-11-03 Oskar WelzlUpdated German translation
2010-11-02 Amador Loureiro... Updated Galician translation
2010-11-02 Alberto GarciaUpdate vagalume.pot and all .po files
2010-11-02 Alberto GarciaUpdate TODO
2010-11-02 Alberto GarciaAdd tooltips to artist, track and album labels
2010-10-30 Alberto GarciaAdd support for the new 'Mix' radio
2010-08-20 Alberto GarciaUse xmlFreeDoc() to free an xmlDoc *
2010-07-20 Alberto GarciaAdd desktop widget to the TODO list
2010-07-09 Alberto GarciaRead the error code from the response and look...
2010-06-18 Dawid PakułaUpdated Polish translation
2010-06-11 Alberto GarciaAdd keyboard shortcuts for all common actions to the...
2010-05-03 Ricardo MonesUpdated Spanish translation