2010-05-04 Alberto GarciaDebian 0.8.3-2 release debian/0.8.3-2
2010-02-06 Alberto GarciaModified debian/ files for the Debian 0.8.3-1 release debian/0.8.3-1
2010-02-05 Alberto Garcia=== Released Vagalume 0.8.3 === vagalume-0.8.3
2010-02-05 Alberto GarciaRemove the old ChangeLog file
2010-02-05 Pēteris CauneUpdated Latvian translation
2010-02-04 Julien DuponchelleUpdated French translation
2010-02-03 Alberto GarciaUpdate copyrights
2010-02-03 Alberto GarciaMinor Portuguese translation update
2010-02-03 Alberto GarciaFix compilation problems
2010-02-03 Alberto GarciaUpdated package description and added Homepage field
2010-02-03 Alberto GarciaUpdated Debian control files for Maemo 4 and 5
2010-02-02 Oskar WelzlUpdated German translation
2010-02-02 Andrea GrandiUpdated Italian translation
2010-02-02 Amador Loureiro... Updated Galician translation
2010-02-02 Alberto GarciaFix translation strings
2010-02-02 Janne MäkinenUpdated Finnish translation
2010-02-02 Janne MäkinenUpdated Finnish translation
2010-02-02 Alberto GarciaUpdate vagalume.pot and all .po files
2010-02-01 Alberto GarciaNew config variable to decide whether to enable the...
2010-02-01 Alberto GarciaUse the Gtk version to decide whether to set GtkAboutDi...
2010-01-31 Alberto GarciaShow only the selected rows in the Hildon 2.2 IM select...
2010-01-29 Alberto GarciaSet GtkAboutDialog:program-name to APP_NAME in Maemo 5
2010-01-29 Alberto GarciaHack to play music while in silent mode (N900)
2010-01-29 Alberto GarciaDisable cast checks by default
2010-01-29 Alberto GarciaMake the entry in the "Stop after" dialog accept only...
2010-01-29 Alberto GarciaHildon2.2 versions of all misc UI functions and dialogs
2010-01-29 Alberto GarciaNew VglMainMenu class, with a new Hildon 2.2 applicatio...
2010-01-29 Alberto GarciaAdd Hildon 2.2 style to the bookmark window
2010-01-29 Alberto GarciaAdded controller_play_others_radio_by_user()
2010-01-24 Alberto GarciaDisable GIO support in Maemo 5
2010-01-24 Alberto GarciaRemove the ChangeLog file for good
2009-12-21 Alberto Garcia=== Released Vagalume 0.8.2 === vagalume-0.8.2
2009-12-21 Alberto GarciaCreate symlinks under /usr/bin in Maemo 5
2009-12-21 Alberto GarciaOptify the locale directory in Maemo 5
2009-12-19 Alberto GarciaOptify the bin directory in Maemo 5
2009-12-19 Alberto GarciaConvert the user name to lowercase when creating a...
2009-12-16 Alberto Garcia=== Released Vagalume 0.8.1 === vagalume-0.8.1
2009-12-16 Alberto GarciaInstall data files in /opt in the N900, since the rootf...
2009-12-15 Alberto GarciaFall back to the old streaming API if the new one doesn...
2009-12-13 Alberto GarciaAdd 'New upstream release' to debian/changelog
2009-12-13 Alberto Garcia=== Released Vagalume 0.8 === vagalume-0.8
2009-12-13 Alberto GarciaFix compilation warnings
2009-12-13 Alberto GarciaInclude from CDBS
2009-12-13 Alberto GarciaMinor translation fixes
2009-12-13 Alberto GarciaNew menu entry to import a config file with server...
2009-12-13 Alberto GarciaUse 'Vagalume' in the 'Name' field of vagalume.desktop...
2009-12-13 Alberto GarciaIncrease HTTP timeout
2009-12-13 Alberto GarciaRemoved unused flush_ui_events() function
2009-12-11 Alberto GarciaUpdate control files to use the new Vagalume icon
2009-12-11 Alberto GarciaUpdated NEWS, and debian/changelog for...
2009-12-10 Otto KrüjaMake the corners of the Vagalume icon rounded
2009-12-03 Alberto GarciaCall hildon_gtk_init() in Maemo 5
2009-11-20 Amador Loureiro... Updated Galician translation
2009-11-18 Alberto GarciaAdd a border to the contents of the main window excludi...
2009-11-18 Alberto GarciaChange method use to compute the number of failed tracks
2009-11-18 Alberto GarciaSet a connection timeout to all HTTP calls
2009-11-18 Alberto GarciaRemove unneeded calls to g_signal_handlers_destroy()
2009-11-17 Janne MäkinenUpdated Finnish translation
2009-11-16 Alberto GarciaUpdated package description in Debian control files
2009-11-15 Alberto GarciaNew CD case image to place the album cover artwork
2009-11-15 Alberto GarciaRemove old copyright line
2009-11-15 Otto KrüjaNew Vagalume icon
2009-11-03 Alberto GarciaMaemo 5: make the progress bar smaller and the border...
2009-11-03 Alberto GarciaInstall small icons under icons/hicolor/scalable/apps...
2009-11-02 Alberto GarciaAdded control file for Maemo 5
2009-11-01 Alberto GarciaDrop support for libgcrypt
2009-10-30 Alberto GarciaFix typo
2009-10-30 Alberto GarciaSet GStreamer elements to play MP3 in Maemo 5
2009-10-30 Alberto GarciaDisable the Maemo status bar plugin in Maemo 5
2009-10-24 Alberto GarciaDisable the server in Maemo 5
2009-10-24 Alberto GarciaRead the list of servers from a config file
2009-10-24 Andrea GrandiUpdated Italian translation
2009-10-21 Alberto GarciaSettings dialog: change position of 'Help' button in...
2009-10-15 Rodrigo FloresUpdated Portuguese (Brazilian) translation
2009-10-15 Marcos GarciaUpdated Portuguese translation
2009-10-15 Julien DuponchelleUpdated French translation
2009-10-15 Alberto GarciaDetect Maemo 5 in
2009-10-15 Alberto GarciaUse #ifdef HAVE_DSPMP3SINK rather than #ifdef MAEMO...
2009-10-05 Pēteris CauneUpdated Latvian translation
2009-10-05 Oskar WelzlUpdated German translation
2009-10-05 Dawid PakułaUpdated Polish translation
2009-10-02 Alberto GarciaUpdated .po files
2009-10-02 Alberto GarciaUpdated TODO
2009-10-01 Alberto GarciaEncoding fixes
2009-10-01 Víctor Manuel... Make refcount volatile to avoid strange compiler optimi...
2009-09-29 Alberto GarciaIdentify servers that only stream freely downloadable...
2009-09-29 Alberto GarciaChange the Jamendo stream URLs to MP3 when the playlist...
2009-09-29 Alberto GarciaAdd idle handler before calling get_user_extradata()
2009-09-19 Alberto GarciaMake sure that a string is NULL-terminated in the downl...
2009-09-19 Alberto GarciaRemove unused GMainLoop in audio.c
2009-09-18 Alberto GarciaImplementations of gdk_threads_add_* for old systems
2009-09-18 Alberto GarciaUse g_ascii_strcasecmp() instead of strcasecmp()
2009-09-18 Alberto GarciaSeveral improvements in the download window code
2009-09-18 Alberto GarciaRegression fix: return custom playlist if available
2009-09-18 Alberto GarciaUse gdk_threads_add_timeout() to add timeouts
2009-09-18 Alberto GarciaUse an idle handler to show the tray icon notification
2009-09-18 Alberto GarciaUse an idle handler to fill the combos in the tagging...
2009-09-18 Alberto GarciaUse an idle hander for everything done after creating...
2009-09-18 Alberto GarciaUse the gdk_threads_* API to install all DBUS idle...
2009-09-18 Alberto GarciaRun the GStreamer EOS and state changed handlers from...