Added Russian translation (by Sergei Ivanov and Vitaly Petrov)
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2010-02-12 Alberto GarciaAdded Russian translation (by Sergei Ivanov and Vitaly...
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2008-05-25 Alberto GarciaAdded French translation (by Julien Duponchelle)
2008-05-17 Alberto Garcia* Remove es_MX.po after discussion with translators
2008-05-16 Alberto GarciaAdded Latvian translation (by Pēteris Caune)
2008-05-13 Amador Loureiro... Updated Galician translation
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2008-05-11 Alberto GarciaAdded Portuguese (Brazil) translation (by Rodrigo Flores)
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2008-05-05 Alberto Garcia* Added Spanish (Mexico) translation (by Eduardo Rubio...
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2008-05-02 Alberto GarciaAdded Spanish (Venelueza) translation (by Oscar A....
2008-05-02 Alberto GarciaAdded Italian translation (by Andrea Grandi)