Add generated files to CLEANFILES
[vagalume:vagalume.git] /
2012-06-29 Alberto GarciaAdd generated files to CLEANFILES
2011-11-28 Alberto GarciaAdd GenericName and X-GNOME-FullName entries to the...
2011-05-27 Alberto GarciaGenerate a ChangeLog when running 'make dist'
2010-12-26 Alberto GarciaRemove MAINTAINERCLEANFILES from
2010-12-26 Alberto GarciaConfigure EXTRA_DIST variables properly
2009-12-21 Alberto GarciaCreate symlinks under /usr/bin in Maemo 5
2009-12-13 Alberto GarciaUse 'Vagalume' in the 'Name' field of vagalume.desktop...
2009-11-03 Alberto GarciaInstall small icons under icons/hicolor/scalable/apps...
2009-10-24 Alberto GarciaDisable the server in Maemo 5
2009-10-24 Alberto GarciaRead the list of servers from a config file
2009-02-11 Alberto GarciaSet Igalia as copyright holder
2008-11-01 Alberto GarciaSwitched to cdbs
2008-10-10 Alberto GarciaRemove in maintainer-clean
2008-10-10 Alberto GarciaUse intltool, add translation support for vagalume...
2008-08-28 Alberto Garcia2008-08-29 Alberto Garcia <>
2008-08-28 Alberto Garcia2008-08-29 Alberto Garcia <>
2008-08-28 Alberto Garcia2008-08-29 Alberto Garcia <>
2008-06-19 Alberto Garcia* Install vagalumectl manpage only in...
2008-06-18 Mario Sanchez PradaAdd manpage for vagalumectl
2008-06-18 Alberto GarciaAdded Moblin version of cover.png
2008-06-17 Alberto GarciaExperimental Moblin support (thanks to Costas Stylianou)
2008-05-17 Alberto Garcia* Remove es_MX.po after discussion with translators
2008-05-14 Alberto GarciaCreate symlink using automake, not...
2008-05-08 Alberto Garcia* Rename icondir to pixmapdir
2008-05-08 Alberto Garcia* Delete icon cache on installation/removal
2008-05-08 Alberto GarciaRemove the 26x26 png icon and update icon cache after...
2008-05-02 Alberto GarciaDon't hardcode paths in .desktop and .service files...
2008-05-01 Alejandro PiñeiroGettext support
2008-04-24 Mario Sanchez PradaNew vagalumectl script to control vagalume from the...
2008-04-24 Xabier Rodriguez... Add support for osso-backup, cud and rfs (Maemo)
2008-02-19 Alberto GarciaFix more lintian warnings, add icon in .xpm format
2008-02-18 Alberto GarciaDon't install the man page in Maemo
2008-02-15 Alberto GarciaAdded manual page vagalume-0.5.1
2008-02-15 Alberto GarciaUpdated README and copyrights
2008-02-11 Alberto GarciaReplace custom buttons with GTK+ themeable icons
2008-01-30 Mario Sanchez Prada* New status bar plugin for Maemo
2008-01-28 Alberto GarciaUpdated MAINTAINERCLEANFILES in
2008-01-22 Felipe Erias Moran... * New buttons and UI improvements
2007-12-13 Alberto Garcia* Update version number, AUTHORS and NEWS for 0.4 release
2007-11-25 Alberto Garcia* Changes in configure scripts
2007-11-25 Alberto Garcia* Install .desktop file when compiling for Gnome too
2007-11-21 Alberto Garcia* Added icons by Felipe Erias and Mario Sanchez
2007-11-02 Alberto Garcia* Updates in INSTALL and README files
2007-10-31 Alberto Garcia* Updated version number to 0.0.20071031
2007-10-31 Alberto Garcia* Compiled using autotools