2010-09-20 gbFix upscaling in foreign window (Totem). 0.2.4
2010-09-20 gbSoft validate caps since we only care about video/x...
2010-09-20 gbFix video rendering rect within an embedder window...
2010-09-20 gbDisable GLX rendering when vaapisink uses a foreign...
2010-09-20 gbSimplify GLX rendering code.
2010-09-20 gbBump version for development.
2010-09-20 gb0.2.3. 0.2.3
2010-09-20 gbWait for at most one second for a VA surface to become...
2010-09-20 gbBuild-Requires: gstreamer0.10 >= 0.10.10 for gst_caps_m...
2010-09-20 gbFix decoder caps to report codec aliases.
2010-09-20 gbFix VC-1 decoding through the playbin2 pipeline.
2010-09-20 gbRegularly update and expose decoder caps.
2010-09-20 gbAdd mechanism to reinsert buffer leftovers into the...
2010-09-20 gbFix memory leak of encoded buffers.
2010-09-20 gbCheck for out-of-free-surfaces condition.
2010-09-20 gbImprove debug info for gst_vaapisink_ensure_render_rect().
2010-09-20 gbBump version for development.
2010-09-20 gb0.2.2. 0.2.2
2010-09-20 gbImprove previous fix.
2010-09-20 gbFix a crash in the FFmpeg decoder on close.
2010-09-20 gbSort platforms by name.
2010-09-20 gbBump version for development.
2010-09-20 gbAdd debug info for _show_frame().
2010-09-20 gbNuke older build dir.
2010-09-20 gbFix packaging deps.
2010-09-20 gbCosmetics.
2010-09-20 gbFix OpenGL texture internal format (Clutter).
2010-09-20 gbRespin release.
2010-09-20 gbDebug video & display PARs.
2010-09-20 gbUse XGetGeometry() to retrieve the window size.
2010-09-20 gbMove code around. 0.2.1
2010-09-20 gbEnsure VA display is created prior to initializing...
2010-09-20 gbDrop obsolete comment.
2010-09-20 gb0.2.1.
2010-09-20 gbFix GstVaapiDisplay refcounting in vaapidecode.
2010-09-20 gbFix comment.
2010-09-20 gbFix render rect when the foreign window size changes.
2010-09-20 gbAdd GstXOverlay interface to vaapisink (e.g. for Totem).
2010-09-20 gbUpdate deps to match versions.
2010-09-20 gbCosmetics.
2010-09-20 gbFix vaapidecode to expose the HW supported caps only.
2010-09-20 gbInitialize decoder earlier.
2010-09-20 gbFix integration within the playbin2 pipeline.
2010-09-20 gbExclude gstvaapiutils_gst.h from docs for now.
2010-09-20 gbRaise VA-API plugins ranks.
2010-09-20 gbAdd gst_vaapi_display_lookup_downstream() helper.
2010-09-20 gbUse fixed caps on the src pad, they are not meant to...
2010-09-20 gbExpose VA display through GstVaapiVideoBuffer.
2010-09-20 gbSimplify gst_vaapidecode_set_caps() and fix memory...
2010-09-20 gbExpose video pool display.
2010-09-20 gbStop iteration if there is no more element to examine.
2010-09-20 gbImprove plugin details.
2010-09-20 gbFactor out VA surface caps.
2010-09-20 gbAdd gst_vaapidecode_ensure_display() helper for set...
2010-09-20 gbBump version for development.
2010-09-20 gbReally make it 0.2.0. 0.2.0
2010-09-20 gbMore docs.
2010-09-20 gbDon't exclude GstVaapiParamSpecs.
2010-09-20 gbFix docs.
2010-09-20 gbLower plugins rank for now since playbin2 auto-plugging...
2010-09-20 gbReally link all helper libraries with libtool -no-undef...
2010-09-20 gbLink helper libraries with libtool -no-undefined.
2010-09-20 gbDon't build plugins with SONAME. Make them plain *.so.
2010-09-20 gbImprove documentation for release.
2010-09-20 gbFix build with older VA-API 0.29.
2010-09-20 gb0.2.0.
2010-09-20 gbFix make dist.
2010-09-20 gbAdd missing docs.
2010-09-20 gbFix doc.
2010-09-20 gbRename gst_vaapi_decoder_ffmpeg_new_from_caps() to...
2010-09-20 gbExtract framerate information from caps.
2010-09-20 gbMove caps initialization to parent class.
2010-09-20 gbSimplify.
2010-09-20 gbFix doc.
2010-09-20 gbMore simplifications.
2010-09-20 gbSimplify GstVaapiDecoder API.
2010-09-20 gbDrop obsolete defs.
2010-09-20 gbDrop obsolete decls.
2010-09-20 gbAdd more aliases for MPEG-4 decoding.
2010-09-20 gbUse avctx->coded_{width,height} info to create the...
2010-09-20 gbUse gst_vaapi_decoder_ffmpeg_new_from_caps().
2010-09-20 gbSimplify tests info.
2010-09-20 gbTry to improve heuristics to use an AVCodecContextParser.
2010-09-20 gbFix VC-1 decoding, it does not require any specific...
2010-09-20 gbFix VC-1 detection with older gstreamer libs (no "fourc...
2010-09-20 gbUse size information from the demuxer, whenever availab...
2010-09-20 gbAdd gst_vaapi_decoder_ffmpeg_new_from_caps() helper.
2010-09-20 gbImprove WMV3 detection yet further.
2010-09-20 gbFix detection of plain old WMV3 contents.
2010-09-20 gbAdd End-of-Sequence start code.
2010-09-20 gbFix VC-1 detection.
2010-09-20 gbFix build with older gstreamer libs where gst_buffer_un...
2010-09-20 gbDrop obsolete (and wrong) code.
2010-09-20 gbCosmetics (spelling).
2010-09-20 gbTry to fix timestamps (step 1). Looks OK on H55.
2010-09-20 gbShip with COPYING.LIB.
2010-09-20 gbRelicense gst-libs/ code to LGPL v2.1+.
2010-09-20 gbDrop extraneous comma.
2010-09-20 gbDrop variant=itu field to help codec detection.