decoder: h264: fix robustness patch for bytestream format.
[vaapi:gstreamer-vaapi.git] / tests / test-display.c
2013-12-20 Gwenole Beauchesnedisplay: don't use GstCaps for decode or encode profile...
2013-12-20 Gwenole Beauchesnedisplay: don't use GstCaps for image or subpicture...
2013-11-22 Gwenole Beauchesnelegal: update copyright notice dates.
2013-11-22 Gwenole Beauchesnelegal: add per-file authorship information.
2013-07-15 Gwenole BeauchesneFix new video format API.
2013-07-09 Gwenole Beauchesnetests: port to new video format API.
2013-05-27 Gwenole Beauchesnetests: improve check for display cache.
2013-05-07 Gwenole Beauchesnetests: cope with new GstVaapiMiniObject objects.
2013-03-20 Gwenole Beauchesnetests: fix license templates.
2013-03-20 Gwenole Beauchesnetests: use gst_vaapi_image_format_from_structure()...
2013-03-20 Gwenole Beauchesnetests: include "sysdeps.h" header instead of "config.h".
2013-01-29 Gwenole Beauchesnelegal: add Intel copyright on modified files.
2012-08-28 Gwenole Beauchesnetests: dump VA display properties.
2012-08-01 Gwenole Beauchesnetests: add support for headless decoding.
2012-07-25 Gwenole Beauchesnetests: add support for Wayland.
2012-07-24 Gwenole Beauchesneconfigure: drop check for --enable-vaapi-glx.
2012-07-23 Gwenole Beauchesnetests: simplify build with various display options.
2012-01-16 Gwenole Beauchesnelegal: fix copyright notices to include "Copyright...
2011-10-19 warlyswitch tests licence to LGPL v2.1+
2011-06-14 Gwenole BeauchesneUpdate copyright notice.
2010-04-20 gbAdd VA profile abstraction.
2010-03-30 gbEnable build without VA/GLX extensions. i.e. fallback...
2010-03-26 gbAdd VA/GLX display tests.
2010-03-22 gbAdd gst_vaapi_display_get_pixel_aspect_ratio().
2010-03-22 gbAdd display size accessors.
2010-03-16 gbMove tests to top-level tests/ directory.