legal: fix year for some copyright notices (2013).
[vaapi:gstreamer-vaapi.git] / gst-libs / gst / vaapi / gstvaapidecoder.h
2013-02-05 Gwenole Beauchesnelegal: fix year for some copyright notices (2012).
2012-09-11 Gwenole Beauchesnevaapidecode: don't reset decoder if codec type is the...
2012-09-07 Philip LorenzDo not forward declare enums.
2012-07-19 Javier Jardónlibs: declare _get_type() functions as const.
2012-01-16 Gwenole Beauchesnelegal: add Intel copyright on modified files.
2012-01-16 Gwenole Beauchesnelegal: fix copyright notices to include "Copyright...
2012-01-16 Gwenole Beauchesnedecoder: add new error codes.
2011-06-14 Gwenole BeauchesneUpdate copyright notice.
2010-09-20 gbRegularly update and expose decoder caps.
2010-09-20 gbCheck for out-of-free-surfaces condition.
2010-09-20 gbFix docs.
2010-09-20 gbSimplify GstVaapiDecoder API.
2010-09-20 gbDrop obsolete defs.
2010-09-20 gbDrop obsolete decls.
2010-09-20 gbRelicense gst-libs/ code to LGPL v2.1+.
2010-09-20 gbDrop excessive threading that over-complicates synchron...
2010-09-20 gbAdd gst_vaapi_decoder_pause().
2010-09-20 gbUse a GstTask with start/stop semantics for the decoder...
2010-09-20 gbSplit decoder creation with actual resources allocation
2010-09-20 gb- Add PTS and framerate information.
2010-09-20 gbAdd more error codes. Fix documentation.
2010-04-23 gbAdd initial (multithreaded) decoder based on FFmpeg.