2010-03-23 gbFix warnings (drop extraneous var).
2010-03-23 gbAdd GST_VAAPI_WINDOW_XWINDOW() helper macro.
2010-03-22 gbShorten condition.
2010-03-22 gbTry to improve switch to fullscreen mode.
2010-03-22 gbImprove display locking and rework X event wait functions.
2010-03-22 gbMove _GstVaapiWindowPrivate declaration to gstvaapiwind...
2010-03-22 gbAdd private API to set window size & fullscreen modes
2010-03-22 gbAdd gst_vaapi_window_get_fullscreen() helper and "fulls...
2010-03-22 gbAdd gst_vaapi_window_get_display() to base.
2010-03-22 gbAdd GstVaapiPoint & GstVaapiRectangle data structures.
2010-03-22 gb0.1.1.
2010-03-22 gbAllow `vaapisink` to render videos in fullscreen mode.
2010-03-22 gbAdd gst_vaapi_window_set_fullscreen() API.
2010-03-22 gbSize window so that to respect the video and pixel...
2010-03-22 gbAdd gst_vaapi_display_get_pixel_aspect_ratio().
2010-03-22 gbUpdates.
2010-03-22 gbAdd display size accessors.
2010-03-22 gbBuild-Requires: gstreamer-plugins-base >= 0.10.16.
2010-03-21 gbFix documentation of *Class'es.
2010-03-21 gbMove GstVaapiSurfaceRenderFlags conversion to get_PutSu...
2010-03-21 gbMove GstVaapiSurfaceRenderFlags to gstvaapisurface...
2010-03-21 gbRename gst_vaapi_window_put_surface_full() to plain...
2010-03-19 gbFix make dist for --enable-gtk-doc builds.
2010-03-19 gbImprove
2010-03-19 gbGenerate gtk-doc.make from gtkdocize.
2010-03-19 gbDocument public API for libgstvaapi-*.so.*.
2010-03-19 gbDocument GstVaapiVideoBuffer.
2010-03-19 gbDocument surface & image pools. Drop obsolete gst_vaapi...
2010-03-19 gbAdd tedious documentation.
2010-03-19 gbBeautify append_formats().
2010-03-19 gbSimplify GstVaapiDisplay (use GArray).
2010-03-19 gbFactor out direct-rendering infrastructure.
2010-03-18 gbAllow user to specify inout-buffers & derive-image...
2010-03-18 gbReduce number of debug messaged printed out.
2010-03-18 gbAdd vaDeriveImage() optimization.
2010-03-18 gbFix gst_vaapi_image_create() from a foreign VA image.
2010-03-18 gbAdd gst_vaapi_surface_derive_image() API.
2010-03-18 gbMake it possible to bin an X11 window to GstVaapiWindow...
2010-03-18 gbTry YV12 & I420 image formats too.
2010-03-18 gbSplit map/unmap functions into internal functions that...
2010-03-18 gbImprove gst_vaapi_image_new() sanity checks.
2010-03-18 gbFix typo.
2010-03-18 gbCheck if our inout buffer is still alive or default...
2010-03-18 gbFactor out buffers negotiation and optimization checks.
2010-03-18 gbUse gtypes.
2010-03-17 gbOptimize gst_vaapi_image_is_linear() and simplify gst_v...
2010-03-17 gbAdd VA display locking utilities.
2010-03-17 gbInitialize the X window in a ::set_caps() handler.
2010-03-17 gbDon't show window by default during creation.
2010-03-17 gbFix gst_vaapi_window_x11_destroy().
2010-03-16 gbAlias sink & src pad buffers whenever possible.
2010-03-16 gbExtend GstVaapiImage API with *_get_image(), *_is_linea...
2010-03-16 gbMake GstVaapiVideoBuffer handle two pools. i.e. both...
2010-03-16 gbFix image & surface size cache.
2010-03-16 gbMove gstreamer-vaapi package versioning to the top.
2010-03-16 gbBump version for development.
2010-03-16 gbCosmetics (shorten lines). 0.1.0
2010-03-16 gbUpdate docs.
2010-03-16 gbAdd debian packaging.
2010-03-16 gbAdd debian packaging.
2010-03-16 gbSilence GNU make extensions warning.
2010-03-16 gbAdd AM_PROG_CC_C_O, thus fixing this warning:
2010-03-16 gbAdd pkgconfig files.
2010-03-16 gbSplit X11 support to libgstvaapi-x11-*.so.*
2010-03-16 gbDon't install private headers.
2010-03-16 gbFix header guards.
2010-03-16 gbRename vaapi_debug.h to gstvaapidebug.h.
2010-03-16 gbMove vaapi_utils.* to gstvaapiutils.*
2010-03-16 gbCosmetics (remove an extra line).
2010-03-16 gbMove X11 utilties to gstvaapiutils_x11.[ch].
2010-03-16 gbRename GstVaapiSinkBase to GstVaapiVideoSink.
2010-03-16 gbMove tests to top-level tests/ directory.
2010-03-16 gbHandle I420 formats internally in GstVaapiImage.
2010-03-15 gbImplement I420 (resp. YV12) with YV12 (resp. I420)...
2010-03-15 gbImplement I420 and YV12 if the underlying implementatio...
2010-03-15 gbAdd initial vaapiconvert plugin.
2010-03-15 gbDisplay frames.
2010-03-15 gbFactor out.
2010-03-15 gbGenerate R/G/B rects.
2010-03-15 gbAdd gst_vaapi_surface_sync().
2010-03-15 gbCosmetics (reverse args order).
2010-03-15 gbCosmetics.
2010-03-15 gbAdd VA/X11 window abstraction.
2010-03-15 gbAdd VA and X11 display accessors.
2010-03-15 gbFix preconditions.
2010-03-15 gbCosmetics.
2010-03-15 gbAdd gst_vaapi_{get,put}_image() API.
2010-03-15 gbAdd gst_vaapi_image_update_from_buffer() helper.
2010-03-12 gbImplement GstVaapiSinkBase interface and integrate...
2010-03-12 gbAdd surface tests.
2010-03-12 gbAdd basic GstVaapiVideoBuffer.
2010-03-12 gbAdd GstVaapiImagePool and factor out GstVaapiSurfacePoo...
2010-03-12 gbSimplify format conversion code.
2010-03-12 gbAdd gst_vaapi_image_format_from_caps() helper.
2010-03-12 gbAdd VA surface pool (lazy allocator).
2010-03-12 gbAdd gst_vaapi_surface_get_size() helper.
2010-03-12 gbAvoid use of GstStaticCaps since older gstreamer versio...
2010-03-11 gbReset display-name if the user provided his own X11...
2010-03-11 gbAdd gst_vaapi_display_x11_new_with_display() API.
2010-03-11 gbFix *_GET_CLASS() definitions...